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Sample Design in Business Research

Sample Design in Business Research

W. Edwards Deming

ISBN: 978-0-471-52370-3

Jan 1990

544 pages

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Sets forth the theory and practice of sampling designs and presents methods for sampling. This classic also provides standards of professional statistical practice and discusses concepts and operational definitions.
Responsibilities in Planning a Survey.

Some Remarks on the Theory of Sampling.

The Frame and Elements of a Sampling Plan.

Operational Definitions of Expected Value and of Standard Error.

Uncertainties Not Attributable to Sampling.

Some Simple Replicated Designs.

A Survey of Business Establishments with Correction for Nonresponse.

Examples in Sampling Accounts.

Evaluation of Inventory of Materials.

Exercise in a Replicated Survey of a Small Urban Area.

General Theory and Procedure for Replicated Sampling of a Large Area.

Field Procedure for the Creation of Segments and for the Selection of People Within Families.

A Statistical Aid to Supervision.

Sampling New Material.

Stratified Sampling.

Evaluation of Expected Value and of Bias in Sampling Procedures.

Theory of Variances.

The Poisson Series and the Square-Root Transformation.

Optimum Number of Segments Per Block.

Theory for the Formation of Strata.

Choice of Zoning Interval and Number of Subsamples.