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Samsung Galaxy Note For Dummies

Samsung Galaxy Note For Dummies

Dan Gookin

ISBN: 978-1-118-38846-4

Jul 2012

384 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Use this friendly, full-color guide to make the most of the extraordinary Samsung Galaxy Note device!

The Samsung Galaxy Note is the first mobile device that successfully bridges the gap between a modern smartphone and a tablet. Nicknamed "phablet", it has an array of features that could intimidate you without the help of this plain-English guide! Dan Gookin shows you how to set up and configure the Galaxy Note and use the revolutionary "S" software that allows you to draw directly on the screen with the special stylus, or "S Pen".

You'll also learn to use both phone and tablet features, get online and use the web, text, make calls, shoot photos, get GPS directions, and all the rest, easily!

  • The Galaxy Note is a revolutionary concept that combines smartphone and tablet technology; this guide demystifies the complex technology so you can take advantage of every feature
  • Shows how to set up and configure the device, work with the interface, and use the unique "S" software to write or draw directly on the touchscreen
  • Covers all the phone features, including voicemail and texting, as well as basic tablet features such as web browsing, e-mail, and social media
  • Explores how to use the camera, make notes, get directions, play music, synchronize and share content, use apps, and more
  • Written by immensely popular author Dan Gookin, known for both technical expertise and his friendly, easily understood style

Samsung Galaxy Note For Dummies is just what you need to help you get up and running with your fabulous new "phablet".

Introduction  1

Part I: What Is This Thing?  7

Chapter 1: A Note for You 9

Chapter 2: On, Off, and Configuration 23

Chapter 3: Rule the Galaxy Note 33

Chapter 4: Text, Typing, and Writing 49

Part II: Phone Duties  67

Chapter 5: Phone 101 69

Chapter 6: Super Phone Powers 81

Chapter 7: Voice Mail and Beyond 91

Part III: Keep in Touch  97

Chapter 8: The People in Your Galaxy 99

Chapter 9: Message for You! 117

Chapter 10: It’s a World Wide Web We Weave 133

Chapter 11: Social Networking 145

Chapter 12: I See What You’re Doing There 155

Part IV: Incredible Tasks and Amazing Feats  169

Chapter 13: There’s a Map for That 171

Chapter 14: Everyone Say “Cheese” 185

Chapter 15: Viva Video 199

Chapter 16: Listen to the Music 209

Chapter 17: What Else Does It Do? 223

Chapter 18: The Apps Chapter 241

Part V: Nuts and Bolts  255

Chapter 19: Everything Wireless 257

Chapter 20: Sync, Share, and Store 271

Chapter 21: Take It Elsewhere 283

Chapter 22: Customize Your Phone 291

Chapter 23: Keep It Running 305

Part VI: The Part of Tens  317

Chapter 24: Ten Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts 319

Chapter 25: Ten Things to Remember 329

Chapter 26: Ten Worthy Apps 335

Index  341

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