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Samsung Galaxy S For Dummies

Samsung Galaxy S For Dummies

Bill Hughes

ISBN: 978-1-118-07574-6

Mar 2011

316 pages

Select type: E-Book

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Colorful guide to getting more out of your Galaxy S smartphone!

Now that you've got your new Galaxy S smartphone, you've got to figure out how to use it! If you're baffled by the technology and the documentation, this book can help. Written in the fun but clear and thorough For Dummies style, this book answers all your questions. You'll find out how to do all the fun stuff: texting, social networking, using the camera, how to watch movies, and more. And you'll also learn how to handle the "housekeeping": synching your phone with your PC, using business applications, downloading apps, accessing the calendar, what all the widgets mean, and much more.

  • Helps you get up to speed on any Samsung Galaxy S smartphone, including the Fascinate, Epic, Captivate, Vibrant, and other Galaxy S phones
  • Clarifies the basics of how to use the phone, how the technology works, how to configure everything, and how to make it totally yours
  • Delivers a full slate of how-tos, tricks, features, and techniques, all in full color
  • Covers setup and configuration, texting, e-mailing, taking and sharing pictures, playing games, buying and installing apps, personal and business apps, and more
  • Includes tips on making the most of multimedia features—games, music, movies, photos, and more

You'll get gobs more from your Galaxy S with the help of Samsung Galaxy S For Dummies.

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started 7

Chapter 1: Exploring What You Can Do 9

Chapter 2: Beginning at the Beginning 19

Part II: Communication 51

Chapter 3: Calling People 53

Chapter 4: The Joy of Text 63

Chapter 5: Managing Your Contacts 71

Chapter 6: Sending and Receiving E-Mail 89

Part III: Live on the Internet: Going Mobile 101

Chapter 7: You've Got the Whole (Web) World in Your Hands 103

Chapter 8: Exploring Widgets and Applications 117

Chapter 9: Downloading Apps from Android Market 137

Part IV: Entertainment Applications 159

Chapter 10: Sharing Pictures 161

Chapter 11: Playing Games 185

Chapter 12: Mapping Out Where You Want to Be 199

Chapter 13: Playing Music and Videos 211

Part V: Productivity Applications 233

Chapter 14: Using the Calendar 235

Chapter 15: Taking Your Work with You 249

Chapter 16: The SmartLife Concept 265

Part VI: The Part of Tens 279

Chapter 17: Ten (Or So) Ways to Make Your Phone Totally Yours 281

Chapter 18: Ten Features to Look for Down the Road 289

Index 293

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