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Satellite Communications, 3rd Edition

Satellite Communications, 3rd Edition

Timothy Pratt, Jeremy E. Allnutt

ISBN: 978-1-119-48205-5

Apr 2020

600 pages


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Most textbooks on communications systems offer little more than a very long sequence of equations that permit the mathematically literate reader to analyze an existing system, but provide little understanding of how to design a communication system or how real systems actually work.  This welcome new edition of a classic text places understanding at its core, enabling the reader to fully grasp the topic, whilst still providing the expected rigorous principles and parameters.  Fully updated to meet the realities of 21st century study, the authors acknowledge that the modern student will seek additional references online and from a wide range of sources, so the book is self-contained with worked examples in each chapter.  The authors focus on the student/instructor experience, to provide the essential satellite communications resource.

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