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Scheduling Theory and Its Applications



Scheduling Theory and Its Applications


Covering deterministic scheduling, stochastic scheduling, and the probabilistic analysis of algorithms, this unusually broad view of the subject brings together tutorials, surveys and articles with original results from foremost international experts. The contributions reflect the great diversity in scheduling theory in terms of academic disciplines, applications areas, fundamental approaches and mathematical skills. This book will help researchers to be aware of the progress in the various areas of specialization and the possible influences that this progress may have on their own specialities. Few disciplines are driven so much by continually changing and expanding technology, a fact that gives scheduling a permanence while adding to the excitement of designing and analyzing new systems. The book will be a vital resource for researchers and graduate students of computer science, applied mathematics and operational research who wish to remain up-to-date on the scheduling models and problems of many of the newest technologies in industry, commerce, and the computer and communications sciences.
Partial table of contents:

Computing Near-Optimal Schedules (J. Lenstra & D.Shmoys).

A Tutorial in Stochastic Scheduling (G. Weiss).

Scheduling with Communication Delays: A Survey (P. Chretienne &C. Picouleau).

Profile Scheduling by List Algorithms (Z. Liu & E.Sanlaville).

Real-Time Scheduling of Periodic Tasks (C. Chaouiya, et al.).

Some Graph Coloring Models for Cyclic Scheduling (D. de Werra &P. Solot).

Transforming Cyclic Scheduling Problems into Acyclic Ones (F.Gasperoni & U. Schwiegelshohn).

Application of Majorization to Control Problems in Queueing Systems(D. Towsley).

Dynamic Routing and Sequencing in Open Queueing Networks (C.Laws).