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Scholarly Publishing: Books, Journals, Publishers, and Libraries in the Twentieth Century



Scholarly Publishing: Books, Journals, Publishers, and Libraries in the Twentieth Century

Richard E. Abel (Editor), Lyman W. Newlin (Editor), Katina Strauch

ISBN: 978-0-471-21929-3 November 2001 336 Pages


This book offers readers a well-rounded and accurate account of the amazing and unpredictable sequence of inter-related events experienced by the field of scholarly publishing in the 20th century. Examining the related worlds of book, journal, and electronic publishing; information technology; and library advances, this is the first work to record the trends of the modern history of the information/knowledge transfer process. Using an analysis of the past 100 years, it also makes predications regarding future trends and the roles of the publishing and library communities in tomorrow's information marketplace
Foreword (P. Wiley).

Preface (R. Abel and L. Newlin).


1. The Growth of Printed Literature in the Twentieth Century (A. Henderson).

2. Introduction: The Change of Book and Journal Infrastructure: Two Publishers, Consolidation, and Niche Publishers (R. Abel).

3. Growth and Change in Trade Publishing: What I Learned at the Library (S. Vaughan).

4. Growth and Change in Trade Book Publishing: What I Learned From the Numbers (S. Oda).

5. Textbook Publishing (R. Follett).

6. University Press Publishing in the United States (P. Givler).

7. The Creative Role of the Professional or STM Publisher (J. Dill).

8. Diversity and the Growth of Serious/Scholarly/Scientific Journals (A. Henderson).

9. From Bibliotheque to Omnitheque (A. Veaner).

10. Development of Public Libraries (B. Dean).

11. The Growth of Scholarly and Scientific Libraries (H. Edelman).

12. Appearance and Growth of Computer and Electronic Products in Libraries (R. Shoffner).

13. The Economic Crisis in Libraries: Causes and Effects (M. Gorman).

14. The Impact of the Library Budget Crisis on Scholarly Publishing (J. Goellner).

15. The Place of Scholarly and Scientific Libraries in an Increasingly and More Widespread Competitive Information Knowledge Marketplace (C. Hamaker).

Conclusion (R. Abel and L. Newlin).

Coda (K. Strauch and B. Strauch).


"contains 15 essays that summarize the strange sequence of interrelated events through which the information/knowledge transfer process passed.... The editors...sought out the foremost living players in the worlds of books, journals, electronic media, and libraries...the list of contributors reads like an all-star...roster." (Reference & Research Book News, August 2002)

"...provides a unique view into the world of scholarly publishing...there are no works that treat so thoroughly the history, current situation, and future prospects of scholarly publishing..." (College & Research Libraries, Vol. 64, No. 1, January 2003)