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Scholars and Rebels: In Nineteenth-Century Ireland



Scholars and Rebels: In Nineteenth-Century Ireland

Terry Eagleton

ISBN: 978-0-631-21446-5 January 2000 Wiley-Blackwell 184 Pages


Scholars and Rebels must be essential reading for all those concerned to understand not just the complexities of nineteenth-century Irish intellectual culture and the emergent Irish Revival, but the formation also of Irish culture in the twentieth century.

1. Colonial Intellectuals.

2. Portrait of a Clerisy.

3. Savants and Society.

4. The Dismal Science.

5. Young Irelanders and Others.


"The enjoyments of this book are its many elaborate periods, wonderful put-downs and instantly memorable apercus: practically every paragraph ends with a punch-line." Reviews

"This volume invites comparison to Robert Tracy's recent The Unappeasable Host: Studies in Irish Identities." Choice

"is ambitious in its scope, and it offers an original and compelling exploration of the networks that formed the 'outsized village' that was nineteenth-century Dublin". History of Education

* Provides a fascinating account of Irish intellectual history in the nineteenth century.
* Makes essential reading for those concerned to understand the cultural forces informing the Irish Revival and the emergence of Irish modernism.
* Offers invaluable insights into the role of the intellectual in public life.