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The School Administrator's Complete Letter Book with CD-ROM, Second Edition, offers a comprehensive selection of model letters and memos for a wide variety of educational purposes and situations. This book and its accompanying CD contain a gold mine of tested, usable letters and other communiques, some of which can be used practically word-for-word from the book, while others can be adapted to your specific needs.

The book's letters and memos represent the contributions of more than 60 outstanding school administrators throughout the United States - including superintendents, principals, supervisors, guidance counselors, and others - all of them with well-earned reputations for solid, professional communication.

Many types of letters are included - letters addressed to parents, teachers, students, teacher applicants, other school administrators, businesspeople, and the community at large. In addition, this handy resource is clearly organized, designed for easy use, and filled with the best letters of the best communicators in modern American education. The CD-ROM makes the letters easy to modify to fit your own situations.

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This item: School Administrator's Complete Letter Book, 2nd Edition

Assistant Principal's Survival Guide: Practical Guidelines and Materials for Managing All Areas of Your Work (Paperback $44.95)

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This item: School Administrator's Complete Letter Book, 2nd Edition

The Exceptional Teacher: Transforming Traditional Teaching Through Thoughtful Practice  (Hardcover $39.95)

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Contributions to the Second Edition xiii

Contributions to the First Edition xvii

How You Will Benefit from This Book xix

How to Use the CD-ROM xxiii

1. Back-to-School and Welcome 1

2. Statements of Philosophy and Policy 23

3. The Curriculum 47

4. School Facilities and Busing 67

5. Money Matters 87

6. Announcing Upcoming Events 105

7. Recommendations 125

8. Get-well and Sympathy 145

9. Evaluation Forms, Memos, and Letters 159

10. Answering Criticism and Complaints 185

11. Discipline, Suspension, and Expulsion 205

12. Congratulations 229

13. Showing Appreciation 243

14. Internet Communications 259

15. Offers, Acceptance, and Approvals 287

16. Reprimands and Complaints 303

17. Rejections, Dismissals, and Cancellations 321

18. Public Relations and the Media 335

19. End-of-School-Year Letters 353

Forms of Address in Letters 369

Index 373