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School Wars: Resolving Our Conflicts over Religion and Values



School Wars: Resolving Our Conflicts over Religion and Values

Barbara B. Gaddy, T. William Hall, Robert J. Marzano

ISBN: 978-0-787-90236-0 March 1996 Jossey-Bass 358 Pages


School Wars examines the Religious Right's challenge to public education--from concerns about sex education to attempts to restrict specific works of literature and textbooks. It takes an objective look at such subjects as the current conflict concerning the role of fundamentalism, the so-called religion of secular humanism, the state of public education, and global education and multiculturalism.

Drawing on their combined backgrounds of religious study and practice, as well as years of experience working in the field of education, the authors present research in educational theory and practice, highlight important court cases, and draw on philosophical and religious studies to reveal a foundation for understanding world views at issue. School Wars offers educators, community leaders, and parents a better way to understand and respond to the differing world views that lie at the center of this ongoing debate.
Part One: The Challenge to Public Education
1. The Current Conflict
2. School Critics: Who Are They?
3. The Great Conspiracy: Secular Humanism and the New Age
4. Strategies and Tactics
Part Two: School Reforms Under Attack
5. The State of Public Education
6. School Improvement Initiatives
7. Literature and Curricula
Part Three: Understanding Our Differences
8. A Matter of Worldviews
9. Religious Traditions
10. Philosophical Perspectives
11. Church and State
Part Four: What Educators Can Do
12. Teaching Religion in Public Schools
13. Responding to Parental and Community Concerns
14. The Community at Work