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Schools for Everyone: A New Perspective on Inclusion: New Directions for School Leadership, Number 3

Schools for Everyone: A New Perspective on Inclusion: New Directions for School Leadership, Number 3

Elizabeth A. Hebert (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-787-99863-9

May 1997, Jossey-Bass

107 pages

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Issues of inclusion are firmly embedded in the lives of schools. School leaders dwell in a cacophony of particular interests and competing concerns, and they overhear many conversations in the schools and community that present complex challenges on these issues. Their thoughtful listening is required to transform these conversations into effective practice. But what does it mean to aim for inclusiveness in all aspects of education? What are the characteristics of inclusiveness? Who are we including? Who are we who presume to include? This sourcebook addresses these questions and concerns and provides important food for thought and tools for increasing understanding on this timely topic. This is the 3rd issue of the quarterly journal New Directions for School Leadership.
1. Rethinking Inclusion(Elizabeth A. Hebert)
2. Reflections on Inclusion: Being New and Becoming Known(Jeanine L. O'Nan)
3. Acceptance and Empathy: What It Means to Be a Truly Inclusive School(Lucinda Lee Katz)
4. Access for All: Including the School Community in the Design of School Facilities(Steven Bingler)
5. An Inclusive Approach to Assessing Children's Learning: Conversations About Portfolios(Elizabeth A. Hebert)
6. Toward a More Inclusive Mission for Music Education in the Twenty-First Century(Bennett Reimer)
7. An Inclusive System Based on Cooperation: The Schools for Young Children in Reggio Emilia, Italy(Lella Gandini with Amelia Gambetti)
8. Opportunities for Inclusion in Advanced High School Classes: Leadership as a Catalyst for Change(Betty Alford)
9. Honoring Democratic Ideals of Inclusion: From the Challenge of Modeling to the Moment of Truth(Becky van der Bogert)