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Science Quest 8 for the Australian Curriculum Edition and eBookPLUS

Science Quest 8 for the Australian Curriculum Edition and eBookPLUS

ISBN: 978-1-742-46057-4

Apr 2011, Jacaranda

368 pages


Science Quest 8 Australian Curriculum combines in-depth coverage of all elaborations and content descriptions of the Australian curriculum with engaging activities and investigations. The student workbook provides additional classroom and homework activities.
• Your Quest investigation activity at the start of every chapter that encourages students to inquire and engage
• Overarching ideas units that challenge students to place themselves within the context of a bigger picture
• Dedicated Science inquiry skills chapters and Investigations that progressively build inquiry skills
• Dedicated Thinking skills units that encourage students to think about how they learn and understand
• Dedicated Science as a human endeavour units that feature real-world science
• Individual pathways sheets that provide differentiated learning and consolidate knowledge
• Study and ICT checklists that outline key content and resources in each chapter

This title features eBookPLUS: an electronic version of the textbook and a complementary set of targeted digital resources. These flexible and engaging ICT activities are available to you online at the JacarandaPLUS website (

 Your eBookPLUS resources include:
ProjectsPLUS - ICT-based projects that use an innovative research management system featuring video introductions, templates for students to build their projects and weblinks to resources
• video eLessons featuring real scientists and real-world science
• interactivities to help students investigate concepts
• weblinks to the latest research and information
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Chapter 1 Science is...

Chapter 2 Language of Learning.

Chapter 3 Cells.

Chapter 4 Body Systems 1.

Chapter 5 Body Systems 2.

Chapter 6 States of Matter.

Chapter 7 Elements, Compounds & Mixtures.

Chapter 8 Chemical Change.

Chapter 9 Sedimentary, Igneous & Metamorphic Rocks.

Chapter 10 Transferring andtransforming energy.