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Science and Technology of Interfaces: International Symposium in Honor of Dr. Bhakta Rath

Science and Technology of Interfaces: International Symposium in Honor of Dr. Bhakta Rath



The International Symposium was organized to capture the state of our knowledge on the science and technology of interfaces. The Symposium (in honor of Dr. B. B. Rath) was held during the TMS Annual meeting, Feb 17-21, 2002 at Seattle WA. This volume captures the salient papers presented at the symposium. The symposium was sponsored by the Structural Materials Division and the Electronic, Magnetic & Photonic Materials Division of TMS and the Materials Science Critical Technology Sector of ASM International and in particular by the following committees: the Physical Metallurgy Committee (TMS), the Superconducting Materials Committee (TMS), the Titanium Committee (TMD) and the Mechanical Behavior of Materials Committee (TMS/ASM). The objective of this symposium was to present current research on advanced interface controlled materials with primary focus on advanced materials. Special attention was given to design of such interface controlled materials with their unique and highly desirable properties. The symposium was designed to assess the current status and to identify future directions of research, design and applications of the role of interfaces in nanostructured bulk solids, films and coatings as well as polycrystalline superconducting materials. Particular emphasis was placed on developing close interactions and fostering future collaborations among scientists and engineers from the USA, Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, and other Asian countries.

Preface ix

Nanostructures and Materials

Challenging Some Free-Energy Reduction Criteria for Grain Growth 3
S.G Srinivasan and J. W. Cahn

Interfaces and Surfaces in Nanostructured Materials 15
G. Lopez-Laurrabaquio, J.L. Rodriguez-Lopez, J.M. Montejano-Carrizales and M. Jose-Yacaman

Mechanical Alloying in Nanostructured Fe-Zn Binary System 21
F. Zhou, Y.T. Chouand E.J. Lavernia

Interfaces in Zr Based Nanocrystals and Combustion Synthesized Ti Aluminide 33
G.K Dey

Structure and Properties of Nanostructured Magnetic Films Prepared by Electroless and Sputter Depositions 45
G.M. Chow

Interface Effects

Surface Relief Effects as Evidence for Coherency of Interphase Boundaries 57
H.I. Aaronson

Thermodynamics of Interfaces in Mechanically Alloyed Metals 67
H.K.D.H. Bhadeshia

Multicomponent Diffusion at Zero-Flux Planes 75
M.E. Glicksman andA.O. Lupulescu

Effect of Irradiation-Induced Interfaces on Thin Film Stability 87
P.M. Ossi

Interface Diffusion, Energies and Solute Segregations in Materials: A Unified Approach 99
D. Gupta

Mechanical Behavior

The Role of Interfaces on Mechanical Behavior of Titanium Alloys 113
B. W. Neuberger andS. Ankem

Reevaluation of the Environmental Effects at the Crack Tip-Metal Interfaces 131
K. Sadananda, R.L. Holtz and A.K. Vasudevan

Hot Ductility in Titanium Alloys-A Review 141
M.A. Imam, B.K. Damkroger and G.R. Edwards

A New Mechanism for Superplasticity 155
J.C.M. Li

Crystallization Behavior ofa Melt-Spun Alg6Ni9Mm5 Alloy 171
S.J. Hong, H.S. Kim, C. Suryanarayana and B.S. Chun

Modelling ofDie-Workpiece Interface During Hot Forging 183
K. Kannan, M. Pandheeradi, S.P. Vaze, S.R. Schmid and W.R.D. Wilson

Dislocation and Interfaces

Utility of the Plasmon Theory of Surface and Interfacial Energies 197
J.J. Gilman

The Nature of Interfacial Processes in Friction and Wear 207
D. Kuhlmann-Wilsdorf

Elastic Interactions of Point Defects with Imperfect Interfaces in Coated Semi-Infinite Solids 219

An Informatics Approach to Interface Characterization: Establishing a ""Materials by Design"" Paradigm 231
K. Rajan

Advanced Materials

Interfaces and Stresses in Nanostructured and High-Tc Superconducting Materials 245
I. Ovid'ko

Grain Boundary Effects in High and Low Tc Superconductors 257
C.S. Pande and R.A. Masumura

Molecular Interfaces and Their Effect on Order in Liquid Crystals 269
R. Shashidhar and D. Shenoy

Interface Studies in a Quasicrystalline Al-Pd-Mn Alloy 275
R. Divakar, V.S. Raghunathan and S. Ranganathan


Two-Step Epitaxy of Gallium Nitride on (0001) Sapphire 287
S. Mahajan and V. Narayanan

Epitaxial Issues and Growth Morphologies of InAlAs/InGaAs MQWs and Heterostructureson(100)and non-(100)In P Substrates 297
A. Christou

Synthetic Functional Oxide Nanostructures: Role of Interfaces 309
R. Ramesh

Role of Silicide Interfaces in Silicon Technology 329
F.M. d'Heurle, C. Lavoie and L. Gignac

Silicon-Germanium-Carbon Self Assembled Quantum Dot Growth and Applications in Electronic Memory Devices 341
D-W. Kim and S. Banerjee

Diamond Surfaces and Interfaces 353
J.E. Butler

Grain Boundaries

In-Situ Determination of Grain Boundary Migration During Recrystallization 361
D.J. Jensen, E.M. Lauridsen and RA. Vandermeer

Atomistic Aspects of Grain Boundary Fracture 375
D. Far has and R.N. Nogueira

Coincidence Site Lattice Theory of Triple Junctions and Quadruple Points 387
V. Y. Gertsman

Interfacial Phenomena in Clean Steel Processing 399
S. Sridhar

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