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Science and the Detective: Selected Reading in Forensic Science

Science and the Detective: Selected Reading in Forensic Science

Brian H. Kaye

ISBN: 978-3-527-61554-4 July 2008 406 Pages




Who killed Napoleon?
Were the witches of Salem high on LSD?
What do maggots on a body tell us about the time of death?

In his unique, engaging style, Brian Kaye tells the story of some spectacular cases in which forensic evidence played a key role. You'll also read about the fascinating ways in which scientific evidence can be used to establish guilt or innocence in today's courtroom. The use of voice analysis, methods for developing fingerprints and for uncovering art forgeries, and the examination of bullet wounds are just a few topics considered. In a special section on fraud, the author takes you into the world of counterfeit money.

There's no solving crime without science. Written for everyone interested in whodunnits, this book explains the basis of the analytical techniques available for studying evidence in offenses ranging from doping in sports to first-degree murder.
From the Contents:
Science and the Fight Against Crime/
Footprints and Other Vestiges/
Fragmentary Evidence and Tell-Tale Dust/
Bullets, Bombs and Body Armour/
Electronic Ears and Eyes/
Bloodhounds, Real and Synthetic/
Drunken Drivers, Drugged Individuals and Distracted Horses/
Poisoned Arrows and Dangerous Bulgarian Brollies/
Forgery and Fraud/
Bodies, Bones and Blood/
Alphabet Soup and Genetic Fingerprinting