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Science of Ceramic Chemical Processing

Science of Ceramic Chemical Processing

Larry L. Hench (Editor), Donald R. Ulrich (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-82645-3

Apr 1986

624 pages

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A comprehensive treatment of producing ceramic, glass, and composite materials using chemistry-based processing methods. Synthesizes the most up-to-date research. Includes new areas of computer aided processing, molecular calculations of ceramic processing reactions, and chemical control of surface films. Contributions from over 115 experts in the field. Index.
Partial table of contents:

Inorganic Colloids for Forming Ultrastructures (R. K. Iler).

Physical-Chemical Factors in Sol-Gel Processes (Z. Zarzycki).

Relationships Between Sol to Gel to Glass Conversions: Structure of Gels During Densification (C. J. Brinker, & et al ).

Use of Drying Control Chemical Additives (DCCAs) in Sol-Gel Process (L. L. Hench).

Kinetics and Mechanisms of Sol-Gel Polymerization (J. Jonas).

NMR, Raman Study of the Effect of Formamide on the Sol-Gel Process (I. Artaki, et al.).

Contribution to the Kinetics of Glass Formation from Solutions (H. Schmidt, et al.).

Applications and Chemistry of Sol-Gel Derived Transparent Silica Aerogels (P. H. Tewari, et al.).

A Model for the Growth of Fractal Silica Polymers (K. D. Keefer).

Sintering of Monolithic Silica Aerogels (M. Prassas, et al.).

Kinetic Processes in Sol--Gel Processing (D. R. Uhlmann, et al.).