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Science of Whitewares II

Science of Whitewares II

William M. Carty, Christopher W. Sinton

ISBN: 978-1-574-98067-7

Jan 2000

354 pages

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This book (a companion to Science of Whitewares, focuses on the pre-firing issues of raw materials, polymeric additives, characterization, processing, and forming. Provides an in-depth understanding of the raw minerals used to manufacture whitewares including minerology and characterization, followed by the systems that are the keys to improved yields in the manufacturing process.
Raw Materials.

The Origins of Kaolinite-Implications for Utilization (T. Dombrowski).

Processing Kaolins and Ball Clays for Ceramic Markets (H.H. Murray).

Kaolins from the Southwest of England (P. Bridgett).

Feldspar Extraction and Processing (D. Marek and C.W. Sinton).

Polymeric Additives.

Poly(vinyl alcohol): Important Properties Related to Its Use as a Temporary Binder in Ceramic Processing (E. Klingenberg)

Physical and Chemical Properties of Cellulose Ethers (M.R. Smith)

Comparison Between Poly(vinyl acetate) and Poly(vinyl alcohol) as Binders for Whiteware Body Compostions (F. Andreola, M. Romagnoli, and W.M. Carty).


Mineralogy of Ceramic Grade Kaolins from the Southeastern United States (J. Elzea, J. Bruns, and S. Rice).

X-ray Characterization of Clays (M.M. Hluchy).

The Colloidal Nature of Kaolinite (W.M. Carty).

The Effect of Sample Preparation on the Particle Size Distribution of Ceramic Grade Kaolins (J.C. Bruns).

Kaolin Particle Size Distribution Effects on Whitewares-Related Performance Properties (T. Adkins, J. Davis, C. Manning, M. Phillips, and E.J. Sare).

FTM Spectral Analysis of Organic Additive/Ceramic or Glass Interactions (R.A. Condrate Sr. and D.H. Lee).

Microstructural Evolution in Dense Kaolinite, Illite, and Smectite Clay Bodies (C.J. McConville, W.E. Lee, and J.H. Sharp).


A Critical Review of Dispersants for Whiteware Applications (W.M. Carty, K.R. Rossington,and U. Senapati ).

Comparative Study of Different Suspension Preparation Systems for Tile Manufacture (E. Sanchez, V. Sanz, J. Garcia-Ten, and C. Feliu)

Understanding Whiteware Suspensions Using Zeta Potential (P.R. Jackson, B.R. Heywood, J. Michael, and J.F. Birtles).

Interaction Between Borates and Clay Suspensions (M.D. Noirot)

The Effects of Ionic Concentration on the Viscosity of Clay-Based Suspensions (K.R. Rossington and W.M. Carty).

Effects of Aging on Rheology of Glaze Slurries (C.H. Yoon and W.C. LaCourse).

Plasticity Revisited (W.M. Carty, K.R. Rossington, and D. Shuckers).

Dispersion of Alumina (B.R. Sundlof and W.M. Carty)


Improved Consistency of Plaster Molds (N.J. Leak)

Degradation of Gypsum Mold Materials (B.M. Schulz and W.M. Carty).

The Characterization of Pressure Casting (S. Khan and W.M. Carty).

Pedometer Experiments to Determine Slurry Properties (B.J. Kellet and D.N. Ravishankar).

Influence of Spray-Dried Granule Moisture Content on Dry Mechanical Strength of Porcelain Tile Bodies (J.L. Amoros, C. Feliu, E. Sanchez, and F. Gines).

Influence of Pressing Variables on Air Permeability of Fired Floor Tile Bodies (A. Escardino, J.L. Amoros, Ma J. Orts, and V. Beltran).

Die Design, Computed Tomography, and Modeling (J. Lannutti and D. Frank).

Determination of the Influence of Pressing Variables on Tile Compaction by Equipping an Industrial Press with Sensors (G. Mallol, A. Moreno, D. Llorens, and P. Negre).

Banquet Guest Lecture.

Approaching the Void (A. Currier).