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Sea Level Changes: Determination and Effects

Sea Level Changes: Determination and Effects

P. L. Woodworth (Editor), D. T. Pugh (Editor), J. G. DeRonde (Editor), R. G. Warrick (Editor), J. Hannah (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66652-4

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

196 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 69.

The measurement of sea level is of fundamental importance to a wide range of research in climatology, oceanography, geology and geodesy. This volume attempts to cover many aspects of the field.
The volume opens with a description by Bolduc and Murty of one of the products stemming from the development of tide gauge networks in the northern and tropical Atlantic. This work is relevant to the growth of the Global Sea Level Observing System (GLOSS), the main goal of which is to provide the world with an efficient, coherent sea level monitoring system for océanographie and climatological research. The subsequent four papers present results from the analysis of existing tide gauge data, including those datasets available from the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level and the TOGA Sea Level Center. Two of the four, by Wroblewski and by Pasaric and Orlic, are concerned with European sea level changes, while Yu Jiye et al. discuss inter-annual changes in the Pacific, and Wang Baocan et al. describe variability in the Changjiang estuary in China. The papers by El-Abd and Awad, on Red Sea levels, are the only contributions to the volume from the large research community of geologists concerned with sea level changes.

P. L. Woodworth, D.T. Pugh, J.G. De Ronde, R.G. Warrick, J. Hannah ix

Helmut Moritz x

1 Monthly Mean Sea Level Anomalies for the North and Tropical Atlantic Ocean
P. A. Bolduc and T. S. Murty 1

2 The Application of EOF in Determining Basin Mean Sea Level Using Computations for
the Baltic as an Example
A. Wroblewski 23

3 Response of the Adriatic Sea Level to the Planetary-Scale Atmospheric Forcing
M. Pasaric and M. Orlic 29

4 The Low-Frequency Fluctuating Pattern of Monthly MSL in the Tropical Pacific and the
Correlation Between It and E! Nino
J. Yu, S. Chen, and X. Fang 41

5 Analysis of Seasonal Variations in Sea Level Along the Changjiang Estuary, China
B. Wang, J. Shen, and S. Chen 51

6 Sea Level Changes in Sharm Abhur Red Sea Coast of Saudi Arabia, as Revealed from
Seismic Stratigraphy
Y. EI-Abd and M. Awad 57

7 Effect of Sea Level Changes on the Quaternary Emergent Reef Limestone near Sharm
Abhur as Revealed from Geoelectrical Soundings
Y. EI-Abd and M. Awad 65

8 A Tidal Link between Sea-Level Rise and Coastal Response of a Gravel-Dominated
Barrier in Nova Scotia
J. D. Orford, A. C. Hinton, R. W. G. Carter, and S.C. Jennings 71

9 Beach Response to Sea Level Rise Along the Nile Delta Coast of Egypt
O. E. Frihy 81

10 Assessmenot f SealevelR ise, Specifict o the South Asian and Australian Situations
J. S. Godfrey and G. Love 87

11 Flooding in the Maidives and Its Implications for the Global Sea Level Rise Debate
S. A. Harangozo 95

12 Measuring Sea Level Changes Using GPS in Buoys
G. W. Hein, H. Blomenhofer, H. Landau, and E. Taveira 101

13 The Hydrostatic Levellings in Denmark
N. Andersen 107

14 A Description of the Sea Level and Geodynamic Complex at Shepelevo (Russia, Baltic
Sea, Bay of Finland)
Yu.D. Boulanger, V. J. Bogdanov, V. E. Kaliazin, and G. A. Troshkov 113

15 Sea Level Variability in the Crozet-Kerguelen-Amsterdam Area from Bottom Pressure
and Geosat Altimetry
Y.-H. Park and B. Saint-Gully 117

16 Sea Level Variations in the Northeast Atlantic from Geosat
R. Tokmakian and P. G. Challenor 133

17 A Note on Sea Level Variability at Clipperton Island from Geosat and In-Situ Observations
G. A. Maul, D. V. Hansen, and N.J. Bravo 145

18 Global Scale Variations in Sea Surface Topography Determined From Satellite Altimetry
C. J. Koblinsky, R. S. Nerem, R. G. Williamson, and S. M. Klosko 155

19 Monitoring of Changes in Global Mean Sea Level Using Geosat Altimeter
B. D. Tapley, C. K. Shum, J. C. Ries, R. Suter, and B. E. Schutz 167

20 An Estimate of Decadal Changes in Sea Surface Topography from Seasat and Geosat Altimetry
B. Haines, G. Born, and C. Koblinsky 181

21 Accuracy Estimation of Mean Sea Level Determination in the Baltic Sea Using a Combined Model
T. Muller and E. Groten   189