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Sea of Lost Dreams: A Dugger/Nello Novel

Sea of Lost Dreams: A Dugger/Nello Novel

Ferenc Máté

ISBN: 978-0-920-25666-4

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268 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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A gripping sea adventure and anthropological thriller capturing the waning days of an ancient civilization.

Breaking out of a Mexican jail on the Day of the Dead in 1921, the ne'er-do-well sea captain Dugger, his lover Kate, and his engagingly sardonic first mate Nello set sail on their ketch for Tahiti. They carry two mysterious passengers: a defrocked Irish nun in search of her lost twin brother and a French spy hunting the unknown leader of an anticolonial uprising. Muddling their quest are fourteen tons of gold stolen from a church in Peru and hidden in a lagoon in the Tuamotous -- a true story. Guided by Gauguin's Polynesian daughter, they navigate the spectacular South Seas and an ancient culture of beauty that is as brutal as it is benign. This entangled story of love, betrayal, and clashing civilizations ends in an apocalyptic convergence of unforeseen destinies.