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Seasons of a Family's Life: Cultivating the Contemplative Spirit at Home

Seasons of a Family's Life: Cultivating the Contemplative Spirit at Home

Wendy M. Wright, Robert Benson (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-1-118-08624-7

Feb 2011, Jossey-Bass

208 pages

Select type: Paperback

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In Seasons of a Family's Life, Wendy M. Wright-- parent, Church historian, and follower of the contemplative tradition-- offers a reflective, story-filled, and inspirational examination of the spiritual fabric of domestic life. This practical and insightful book explores family life as a context for nurturing contemplative practices in the home. Rooted in an appreciation of our deep and wise spiritual traditions that probe the sacred alongside everyday human experience, Seasons of a Family's Life challenges us to wrestle with the great religious questions that shape our lives and offers parents a model for integrating family life and spiritual awareness.

Every chapter in Wendy M. Wright's thoughtful book is a lesson in gaining an awareness of the joy in our experience as families and letting the sacred be more present in our frantically paced daily lives. Wright shows us how to pay attention to the silence that underlies our lives and encourages us to be sensitive to the ordinary moments that connect us. She reveals a family life replete with sacred spaces, rituals that enrich our time together, shared family stories, and much more. Interwoven throughout the book is a wealth of inspiring, personal stories.




Chapter 1 Spiritual Formation in the Family: Living Contemplatively.

Chapter 2 Staying Awake After Lunch: The Arts of Discernment.

Chapter 3 God-With-Us: The "Family Altar."

Chapter 4 Big Story, Little Story: The Family Narrative.

Chapter 5 "Mom, Stevie's Looking Out of My Car Window!": The Spiritual Life in the Midst of It All.

Chapter 6 The Scent of the Eucalyptus Trees: A Sacred Sense of Place.

Chapter 7 Genuflection, Pilgrimage Routes, and the Vacation: Family Ritual.

Chapter 8 Like a River: Rhythms of Continuity and Change.

Chapter 9 Justice and Mercy Shall Meet: The Countercultural Arts of Family Life.

Chapter 10 The Beloved Community: Reconciliation.

Chapter 11 For Everything Its Season: A Meditation Across Time.

Invitation to Reflection.


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