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Secure Communications: Applications and Management



Secure Communications: Applications and Management

Roger J. Sutton

ISBN: 978-0-470-85260-6 July 2003 346 Pages

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If you need to know more about communication's security management, this is the perfect book for you...

Secure Communications confronts the practicalities of implementing the ideals of the security policy makers. Based on 15 years experience, the author addresses the key problems faced by security managers, starting from network conception, initial setting up and the maintenance of network security by key management. Many different types of communications networks are discussed using a wide range of topics, including voice, telephone, mobile phone, radio, fax, data transmission and storage, IP, and Email technologies. Each topic is portrayed in a number of different operational environments.
* Explains the practical links between cryptography and telecommunications
* Addresses the pertinent issues of implementation of cryptography as a method of protecting information
* Supports each communications technology and the fundamentals of cryptography with useful and relevant telecommunications material
* Provides practical solutions by network modelling and stimulating the reader's imagination on how to deal with their own network protection
* Highlights the need for a structured infrastructure in an organisation's security that complements the technical solutions
Easy to read and highly illustrated, this timely publication probes the sensitive issues that manufacturers and agencies prefer to avoid and uses eye opening, historical events, to highlight the failings and weaknesses of the past and present. So if you work within the areas of telecommunications and security or are a researcher or student eager to know more, read on...



Acronyms and Abbreviations

1. Threats and Solutions

The Technical Threats to Communications Security





Compromising Emanation/Tempest Threats

2. An Introduction to Encryption and Security Management

Analogue Scrambling


Goodbye DES, Hello DES

Fundamentals in Key Management

Evaluating Encryption Equipment

3. Voice Security in Military Applications

Analogue Encryption of Naval Long range, HF Radio Communications

Stand-alone Digital Cipher Units in Land-based Operations

Radio Integrated Cipher Module

4. Telephone Security

Specific Threats to Telephone Operations

Network Technologies

Telephone Security Solutions

Key and Access Management

Network Implementation

Key Distribution


5. Secure GSM Systems

The Basic GSM Architecture

Standard GSM Secuirty Features

Custom Security for GSM Users

Key Management and Tools

GRPS General Packet Radio Systems

6. Security in Private VHF/UHF Radio Networks

Applications and Features



Communications Network Design and Architecture

Hardware Components and Functions

Security and Key Management

Other Security Features

7. Electronic Protection Measures -
Frequency Hopping

Electronic Warfare (EW)

Electronic Protection Measures (EPM)

Military Applications

Network Architecture and Management

Characteristics of Frequency Hopping Networks

Key/Data Management and Tools

Hardware components

8. Link and Bulk Encryption

Basic Technology of Link Encryption

The Ciphering Process

Cryptographic Parameters

Key and Network Management

Military Link Security

9. Secure Fax Networks

Basic Facsimile Technology

Manual/Automatic Key Selection

Network Architecture

Key Management and Tools

Fax Over Satellite Links

10. PC Security

Security Threats and Risks

Implementation of Solutions

Access Protection

Boot-up Protection by On-Board Hardware with Smart Card

LAN Security

Model Application of PC Security

System Administration

11. Secure E-mail

The E-mail Scenario


Type and Motivation of Attackers

Methods of Attack


Guidelines for E-mail Security

12. Secure Virtual Private Networks


Definition VPN


Packet Header Formats

Security Association List

Tunnel Table

Routing Tables

Packet Filtering

Threats and Countermeasures

Attacks within the Public Network

13. Military Data Communication


Data Terminals and their Operating Features

Technical Parameters

Security Management

Key Management

Combat Packet Data Networks

14. Managment, Support and Training

Environments of Security Management

Infrastructure and Planning

Operational Hierarchies


Customer Support



"...well-written and accessible..." (Electronics Communication Engineering Journal, December 2002)