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Securities Lending and Repurchase Agreements

Securities Lending and Repurchase Agreements

Frank J. Fabozzi (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-883-24916-8

Nov 1996

288 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Revised and updated to reflect the latest developments in the field of cash flow analysis, Cash Flow and Security Analysis provides an enlightening examination into why cash flow is quickly replacing earnings as the primary tool used by securities analysts, and how they can identify undervalued securities by using cash flow analysis.

Contributing Authors.

Index of Advertisers.

1. The Evolution of Securities Lending (K. Burke and G. Martello).

2. The US Dollar Repo Market (K. Miller).

3. The Nondollar Repo Market (P. D'Amario).

4. Finding A Route to Market: An Institutional Guide to the Securities Lending Labyrinth (M. Faulkner and C. Sackville).

5. Evaluating Lending Options (A. Nazzaro).

6. Managing Internal Lending Programs (G. Caan, Jr.).

7. Performance Measurement for Securities Lending (M. Jensen and R. Scheetz).

8. Developing Effective Guidelines for Managing Legal Risks -- U.S. Guidelines (C. Dropkin).

9. International Legal and Regulatory Concerns (N. Jacklin and D. Felsenthal).

10. The Fundamentals of Fixed Income Securities (F. Fabozzi).

11. Overview of Mortgage-Backed and Asset-Backed Securities (F. Fabozzi).

12. Collateralized Borrowing via Dollar Rolls (S. Carlson and J. Tierney).

13. Understanding Cash Collateral Reinvestment Risks (F. Fabozzi and E. Jacobowitz).

14. Tax Issues Associated with Securities Lending (R. Shapiro).

15. The Accounting Treatment of Securities Lending Transactions (S. Peters).

16. The Role of Carry in the Equity Markets (R. Sloan).