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Security+ Fast Pass

Security+ Fast Pass

James M. Stewart

ISBN: 978-0-782-15132-9

Feb 2006

224 pages

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Get the streamlined tool you need to bone up for the Security+ exam [SYO-101]. Fast Pass coverage includes:
  • General security concepts.
  • Assessing risk.
  • Securing communications.
  • Implementing wireless security features.
  • Configuring a firewall.
  • Detecting intrusions.
  • Securing your organization's infrastructure.
  • Understanding the basics of cryptography.
  • Managing security keys and certificates.
  • Ensuring operational and organizational security.
  • Recovering from disasters.
  • A CD-ROM so you can practice, practice, practice.
  • Concise, objective-focused coverage and review questions.

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Note:CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.


Chapter 1: General Security Concepts.

Chapter 2: Communication Security.

Chapter 3: Infrastructure Security.

Chapter 4: Basics of Cryptography.

Chapter 5: Operational/Organizational Security.


ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
4123Text correction
At the bottom of the page, in the bullet points under The most widely used asymmetric cryptography solutions are as follows:, the third bullet, Error Correcting Code, is in error.

ECC in this context stands for Elliptic Curve Cryptography