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Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy

Editor-in-Chief:Mohammad S. Obaidat

Online ISSN: 2475-6725

Digital version available through Wiley Online Library

Select type: Journal


Security and Privacy is an international journal publishing original research and review papers on all areas of security and privacy including Security in Business, Healthcare and Society, Information and Data Security, Communication Security, and Privacy. Other related areas such as Biometric--based Security, Cryptography systems, Embedded Security, Data Analytics for Security and Privacy, Integrated Security Design Schemes, Surveillance, and Critical Infrastructures and Key Resources will be considered as well.

Security in Business, Healthcare and Society

  • Healthcare and Bioinformatics security
  • Infrastructure (power grids, transport) security
  • Finance – incl. mobile payments and mobile banking
  • Personal data security
  • Mobile commerce security
  • Cybercrime and cyberwar
  • Cloud Security
  • Policy, regulation and legislation
  • Business protections / response / recovery
  • IT Risk Management
  • Malware
  • Electronic voting and digital democracy
  • Government as a platform
  • Surveillance
  • Censorship (and resistance)
  • Digital Rights Management Ethics
  • Internet of Things
  • Consumer applications critical infrastructure and key resources

Information and Data Security

  • Access control
  • Information systems acquisition, development and maintenance
  • Organizational security
  • Human-oriented security
  • Data-centric security
  • Security by design
  • Intrusion detection methods
  • Biometric-based security
  • Physiological-based schemes
  • Behavioural-based schemes
  • Trust Management
  • Database security systems
  • Big data security issues
  • Block chain<