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Seepage, Drainage, and Flow Nets, 3rd Edition



Seepage, Drainage, and Flow Nets, 3rd Edition

Harry R. Cedergren

ISBN: 978-0-471-18053-1 January 1997 496 Pages


The definitive practical guide to understanding and solving seepageand drainage problems

Now in its third edition, this unique resource offers simplemethods for analyzing and designing seepage and groundwater controlsystems for all major types of civil engineering works. Completewith solid coverage of seepage principles and flow netconstruction, this book is an invaluable aid to engineeringprofessionals and students in mastering this vital subject.

Seepage, Drainage, and Flow Nets, Third Edition, features:
* Clear explanations of Darcy's law, permeability, and other coreconcepts
* Seepage analyses and drainage designs for earth dams, levees,foundations, earth slopes, roads, airfields, streets, parking lots,and more
* Information on contemporary topics, including "wick" drains,"fin" drains, and the protection of groundwaters from contamination
* An assessment of computer solutions to seepage and drainageproblems
* Over 100 examples of flow nets, ranging from the simple to thecomplex --accompanied by step-by-step instructions
* Useful chapter references to facilitate further study.


Seepage Principles.

Flow-Net Construction.


Filter and Drain Design.

Seepage Control in Earth Dams and Levees.

Foundation Dewatering and Drainage.

Slope Stabilization with Drainage.

Roads, Airfields, and Other Surface Facilities.

Structural Drainage.

Waste Disposal Facilities and Infiltration Ponds.