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Selected Papers From Volumes 24 and 25 of Vychislitel'naya Seysmologiya, Volume 2

Selected Papers From Volumes 24 and 25 of Vychislitel'naya Seysmologiya, Volume 2

Dipak K. Chowdhury (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66885-6

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

188 pages

Select type: O-Book


Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Computational Seismology and Geodynamics Series, Volume 2.

The series Vychislitel'naya Seysmologiya (Computational Seismology) has been published by the Russian Academy of Sciences since 1966. This series is well known for its introduction ofnew mathematical and computational tools in seismology and the related fields of solid earth sciences. The innovative theoretical models and highly efficient algorithms for data analysis that have been described in this series have enhanced the possibilities ofgeophysical interpretation in a wide range of problems, from signal processing to structure and dynamics of the Earth, seismic risk, and earthquake prediction.

This is the second volume of Computational Seismology and Geodynamics, the American Geophysical Union's English translation of the series. The present volume contains selected papers from volumes 24 and 25 ofthe Russian version. The criteria for selection were based on new and unusual applications of mathematics and techniques that may make significant contributions to the geophysical sciences.

Volume 1 (159 pp.) 1994 selected articles from Volumes 22 & 23

Volume 2 (188 pp.) 1994 selected articles from Volumes 24 & 25

Volume 3 (236 pp.) 1996 selected articles from Volumes 26 & 27

Volume 4 (200 pp.) 1999 selected articles from Volumes 28 & 29

Volume 5 (132 pp.) 2003 selected articles from Volume 30

Volume 6 (102 pp.) 2004 selected articles from Volume 31

Volume 7 (250 pp.) 2005 selected articles from Volume 32

Volume 8 (186 pp.) 2008 selected articles from Volumes 33 & 34

Foreword vii

Preface  ix

Models for Optimization of Earthquake Prediction
G. M. Molchan  1

A Model of Seismicity in a Block Medium
A. A. Lyubushin, Jr.  11

Dynamic Equations for Seismogenic Solid Medium
V. M. Gertzik  16

Slow Sliding of Nonhomogeneous Rough Surfaces
M. B. Geilikman  22

Prediction of a Second Large Earthquake Based on Aftershock Sequence
I. A. Vorobyeva and T. A. Levshina  27

On Multifractal Theory Approach to the Clustering of Epicenters
E. M. Blunter andM. G. Shnirman  37

Critical Effects in Hierarchical Media
A. G. Tumarkin andM. G. Shnirman  46

Deformations of a Free Boundary Caused by an Internal Fault
L. N. Volynets and 0. D. Voevoda  50

The Topography of the Ground Surface and Postseismic Displacements
0. D. Voevoda and L. N. Volynets  58

On Gravitational Instability of a Two-Layer Model for Viscous Incompressible Fluid With Stochastic Changes in Density
B. M. Naimark and A. T. Ismail-zadeh  64

Convective Modes in a Two-Layer Approximation of the Earth's Mantle
B. I. Birger, A. T. Ismail-zadeh, and B. M. Naimark  72

Gravitational Instability and Propagation of Tectonic Waves in a Two-Layer Model of the Upper Mantle
A. T. Ismail-zadeh  76

On Magnetic Field Generation by a Class of Flows of a Conducting Fluid in a Sphere Corrigendum et Addendum
V. A. Zheligovsky  81

On Magnetic Field Generation by a Conducting Fluid Motion With Internal Scaling, I1
K A. Zheligovsky  94

Generation of Magnetic Field by the Couette-Poiseuille Flow of a Conducting Fluid for Large Reynolds Numbers
E. M. Graeva  101

Asymptotics for Particular Solutions of Orr-Sommerfeld's Equation
M. Ya. Kelbert and I. A. Saznov  105

Rayleigh Waves in D-Constant Media at Characteristic Frequencies, I, Poissonian Media
V. M. Markushevich andA. S. Tsemahman 114

Rayleigh Waves in D-Constant Media at Characteristic Frequencies, 11, Non-Poissonian Media
V. M. Markushevich, G. M. Steblov, andA. S. Tsemahman 119

Dispersion of Rayleigh Waves in Zvolinskii's Media: Poissonian Case
K Ad Markushevich, E. Nyland, andA. S. Tsemahman 127

Determination of Seismic Signal Velocity from z Function for a Class of Anisotropic Media
I. M. Markushevich and A. S. Tsemahman 134

A Uniform Asymptotic Representation of a Reflected Wave in an Elastic Medium
T. B. Yanovskaya 139

A Ray Method for Calculating Wave Fields Reflected From Transition Layers
Yu. K Roslov and T. V. Yanovskaya 144

Monochromatic Sounding of the Upper Part of a Velocity Profile by a Horizontal Vibrator
L. Yu. Brodov, I7 V. Loctsik, V. M. Markushevich, N. N. Novikova, V. E. Fedorov, and S. B. Sinjukhina 150

Estimation of Spatio-temporal Source Parameters for the 1988 Spitak. Armenia, Earthquake
From Broadband Surface Wave Records
B. G. Bukchin, A. L. Levshin, L. I. Ratnikova, B. Dost, and G. Nolet 156

Frequency Estimation Performance by Eigenvector Method
G. M. Molchan  162

Identification of Linear Dynamic Systems as a Statistical Problem Involving Nuisance Parameters
A. F. Kushnir 175

Russian Volume Index  184

Author and Subject Index  186