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Selected Papers From Volumes 28 and 29 of Vychislitel'naya Seysmologiya, Volume 4

Selected Papers From Volumes 28 and 29 of Vychislitel'naya Seysmologiya, Volume 4

Dipak K. Chowdhury (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66985-3

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

200 pages

Select type: O-Book


Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Computational Seismology and Geodynamics Series, Volume 4.

Russian seismologists have been well-known for their research, particularly in theoretical seismology, earthquake prediction, seismicity model, and in geodynamics. The seismological journal Vychislitel'naya Seysmolgiya is one of the most renowned seismological publications in Russia. The American Geophysical Union has published selected articles from Vychislitel'naya Seysmolgiya (in English) since 1994 in Computational Seismology and Geodynamics. This issue presents the fourth volume of this journal. The selection of articles, like in earlier volumes, is done through the recommendation of reviewers and the Editorial Board after careful review. Computational Seismology and Geodynamics also accepts articles from international scientists. Manuscripts may be sent to any of the members of the Editorial Board.

The Editorial Board of Computational Seismology and Geodynamics wishes to thank the reviewers of the manuscripts in English and the members of the Editorial Board of Vychislitel'naya Seysmologiya for their cooperation.

Volume 1 (159 pp.) 1994 selected articles from Volumes 22 & 23

Volume 2 (188 pp.) 1994 selected articles from Volumes 24 & 25

Volume 3 (236 pp.) 1996 selected articles from Volumes 26 & 27

Volume 4 (200 pp.) 1999 selected articles from Volumes 28 & 29

Volume 5 (132 pp.) 2003 selected articles from Volume 30

Volume 6 (102 pp.) 2004 selected articles from Volume 31

Volume 7 (250 pp.) 2005 selected articles from Volume 32

Volume 8 (186 pp.) 2008 selected articles from Volumes 33 & 34



Stability of the lithosphere under horizontal compression
B. I. Birger 1

Thermal evolution of cooling magma chambers
E. A. Gorbyliova and V. P. Trubitsyn 10

Mantle convection structure beneath stationary continents
V. P. Trubitsyn and A. M Bobrov 18

Forward and Inverse Problems

Determination of seismic source parameters from the coherence of body wave phases
B. G. Bukchin, A. V. Lander, A. Z. Mostinskii, and V. I. Maksimov 24

The Earth-flattening problem: Genesis, exact solving methods, and expansion into series
S. G. Kiselev, A. N Kuznetsov, and V. M Markushevich 33

Decomposition into factors and Sturm-Liouville's form of equations for P-SV vibrations of layered media
S. G. Kiselev, A. N Kuznetsov, V. M Markushevich, and A. S. Tsemahman 42

Analysis and Models of Seismicity

A real-time intermediate-term prediction ofthe October 4, 1994, and December 3, 1995, southern Kuril Islands earthquakes
V. G. Kossobokov, P. N Shebalin, J H Healy, J W Dewey, and I. N Tikhonov 57

The concentration of ruptures in an intermediate-term earthquake prediction algorithm
I. I. Romashkova and V. G. Kossobokov 64

Local redistribution of active zones as the precursor of large earthquakes in Lesser Antillean arc
P. N Shebalin, 1. M Rotwain, V. 1. Keilis-Borok,N Girardin, and J Dubois 71

Intermediate-term earthquake prediction for the Vrancea region: Analysis of new data
I. A. Vorobyeva, 0. V Novikova, I V Kuznetsov, D. Enescu, M Radulian, and D. Panza 82

Identification of periods of increased earthquake occurrence probability for the Pamirs and Tien Shan using the CN algorithm and a geodynamic model of the region
V. V. Rozhkova 94

Local interaction of seismic events from a synthetic catalog: Block structure dynamics
V L. Gasilov, A. G. Prozorov, and A. A. Soloviev 101

Modeling the lithosphere dynamics and seismicity for the Near East
P. 0. Sobolev, A. A. Soloviev, and I M Rotwain 115

Clustering of earthquakes in a block model of lithosphere dynamics
V I Maksimov and A. A. Soloviev 124

The use of stable laws in seismicity models
V F Pisarenko and T V Golubeva 127

Seismic Risk

Hazard-oriented multiscale seismicity model: Italy
G. M Molchan, T L. Kronrod, 0. E. Dmitrieva, and A. K. Nekrasova 138

Seismic risk for the world's major cities: Estimates verified
T L. Kronrod and A. K. Nekrasova 157

Nonlinear Phenomena
Fractal source structure, energy scaling, and similarity for a modified

Burridge-Knopoff model
V M Gertsik 166

Algorithms and Data Processing

Detection and identification of signal waveforms in the coda of a large interfering event
A. F Kushnir and V M Lapshin 173

Estimation of apparent slowness vector for a plane wave using data from a three-component seismic array: A statistical problem involving nuisance parameters
A. F Kushnir 186