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Selected Papers From Volumes 33 and 34 of Vychislitel'naya Seysmologiya, Volume 8

Selected Papers From Volumes 33 and 34 of Vychislitel'naya Seysmologiya, Volume 8

Alik Ismail-Zade (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66781-1

Apr 2013, American Geophysical Union

186 pages

Select type: O-Book


Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Computational Seismology and Geodynamics Series, Volume 8.

The American Geophysical Union (AGU) and the Editorial Board of Computational Seismology and Geodynamics (CSG) are happy to present the eighth volume of CSG. This volume contains 19 selected, translated, and reviewed articles of volumes 33 and 34 of Vychislitel'naya Seismologiya (VS), which deal with seismicity and seismic hazard, forward and inverse problems in seismology, geodynamics, geomagnetism, and self-organized criticality.

The Russian annual journal Vychislitel'naya Seysmologiya was established in 1966 by Volodya Keilis-Borok, one of most eminent geophysicists of our time, as a media for publication of the best results in the theoretical, computational and mathematical seismology. For a short period of time the journal had become a prominent and known among mathematical geophysicists around the world. In 1970s the journal began to publish also articles related to non-linear dynamics and earthquake prediction and later to computational geodynamics. Many distinguished seismologists, geophysicists, and mathematicians, like G. Barenblatt, A. Dziewonski, I. Gelfand, H. Huppert, H. Kanamori, L. Kantorovich, L. Knopoff, F. Press, D. Turcotte, and others, published their research articles in VS. Twenty-one volumes of the journal were translated and published by Allerton Press, USA. Since 1994 AGU agreed to publish selected and peer-reviewed articles in volumes entitled CSG.

Volume 1 (159 pp.) 1994 selected articles from Volumes 22 & 23

Volume 2 (188 pp.) 1994 selected articles from Volumes 24 & 25

Volume 3 (236 pp.) 1996 selected articles from Volumes 26 & 27

Volume 4 (200 pp.) 1999 selected articles from Volumes 28 & 29

Volume 5 (132 pp.) 2003 selected articles from Volume 30

Volume 6 (102 pp.) 2004 selected articles from Volume 31

Volume 7 (250 pp.) 2005 selected articles from Volume 32

Volume 8 (186 pp.) 2008 selected articles from Volumes 33 & 34


Seismicity and Seismic Hazard
On increase of earthquake correlation length prior to large earthquakes in California
V. Keilis-Borok, Z. Liu, D. Turcotte, I. Zaliapin, and G. Zoeller 1

Spatially stable application of algorithm M8: Italy and California
L. L. Romashkova and V. G. Kossobokov 12

Successive updating of intermediate-term earthquake prediction: two case histories
from southeastern Mediterranean
O. V. Novikova, P. N. Shebalin, and V. I. Keilis-Borok 22

Recognition of earthquake-prone areas. XXX. Turkmen-Khorasan mountains, M>=6.5
A. I. Gorshkov, E. P. Piotrovskaya, and E.Ya. Rantsman 33

Historical seismicity of Zagros, Iran
R. E. Tatevossian, S. S. Arefiev, N. G. Mokrushina, and A. E. Petrossian 38

Forward and Inverse Problems in Seismology
Layered model reconstruction by surface wave modes: from Love to Rayleigh
V. M. Markushevich and S. G. Kiselev 52

On the spectrum of the Rayleigh operator
A. N. Kuznetsov 63

Calculation of seismograms for a flat homogeneous Earth
D. V. Peregudov 70

Performance of the Ritz method in the problem of spheroidal oscillations for layered Earth model: 2
E. N. Bessonova, E. L. Reznikov, and A. M. Ili'n 84

Solving the waveguide problem arising in oblique sounding with a pulse source along magnetic latitudes
V. M. Markushevich, E. N. Bessonova, S. G. Kiselev, A. L. Ageev, and V. V. Vasin 91

A viable model of the earthquake source with interacting walls
V.I. Osaulenko 97

How can one find the Earth's magnetic field from incomplete measurements of it?
A. V. Khokhlov 100

Seismotectonic movements in the epicentral zone of the 1991 Racha earthquake. 1. Local displacements
Zh. Ya. Aptekman, S. S. Arefiev, O. D. Voevoda, and O. O. Erteleva 121

On equations of Earth motions: 2. Average stress and energy balance
O. D. Voevoda 127

The relation of terrestrial seismicity to the tidal action of the Moon and Sun
Yu. N. Avsyuk, L. L. Khudzinsky, and 1.I. Suvorova 135

Thermoconvective theory for the origin of sedimentary basins: Role of initial perturbations
of the Earth's surface relief and density contrast across the Moho
B. I. Birger 147

Self-Organized Criticality
One type of lattice model: its behavior, periodicity, and effect on magnitude-frequency diagram
I. M. Rotwain, N. M. Kolesnikova, I. V. Lomovskoy, and I. V. Kuznetsov 160

Estimation of control parameters and forecasting the behavior of cellular fault models
I. V. Kuznetsov, I. M. Rotwain, N. M. Kolesnikova, and I. V. Lomovskoy 170

Scenarios of large events in the sandpile model
A. B. Shapoval andM. G. Shnirman 179