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Self Assessment Colour Review of Small Mammals

Self Assessment Colour Review of Small Mammals

Susan A. Brown, Karen L. Rosenthal

ISBN: 978-1-874-54545-3

Jun 1997

192 pages

Select type: Paperback


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Veterinary practitioners are faced regularly by diseases and disorders in a large and ever increasing range of small mammalian patients. The Editors have gathered together contributions from 29 experts, who cover all aspects of medicine and surgery in small mammals including rabbits, guinea pigs, rodents, hedgehogs, ferrets, primates, squirrels, foxes, potbellied pigs, raccoons and many more.

The randomised self-assessment format is used to enable the reader to think through each case step by step. Each of the 225 questions and illustrations - colour photos, imaging, charts and tables is followed by a thorough explanation to provide diagnosis and a suggested treatment plan.

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Questions & Answers
* Coverage of a wide range of species
* Problem-oriented self-assessment format
* International authorship by 29 experts
* Superb colour illustration