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Self-Esteem at Work: How Confident People Make Powerful Companies

Self-Esteem at Work: How Confident People Make Powerful Companies

Nathaniel Branden

ISBN: 978-0-787-94001-0

Jul 1998, Jossey-Bass

160 pages

Select type: Paperback


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In his latest work, renowned psychologist, author, and consultant Nathaniel Branden--father of the self-esteem movement-shows you how high self-esteem is becoming a prime determinant of both organizational and personal success in the Information Age. Get the basics on:
* Stirring creativity through self-esteem
* Establishing a work culture that builds self-esteem
* Boosting communication skills . . . and much more!
""Nathaniel Branden is a giant. His work integrating innovation and entrepreneurship with self-esteem is the cutting edge, and shows how the qualities of high self-esteem are the same attributes needed for succes in today's environment.""
-Ken Blanchard, coauthor, The One Minute Manager

""I want to personally thank Nathaniel Branden for adding a million dollars to our sales this year, which I don't believe we would have had without his ideas triggering new thinking . . . .""
-- Thomas E. Trumble, president and CEO, Leanin' Tree

The 21-week, self-directed development program at the end of the book is essential for employees at every level of an organization.
Foreward: Warren Bennis.

1. The Twenty-First Century Workplace.

2. The Dynamics of Self-Esteem.

3. The High Self-Esteem Leader.

4. High Self-Esteem Management.

5.Rising to Challenges.

A Program for Personal Development.