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Self Improvement Assortment


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Self Improvement Assortment


ISBN: 978-1-119-06180-9 October 2014 Capstone 896 Pages


A three-book set that gives you tools for winning at life and facing everyday challenges

This collection of books is a Self Improvement Assortment that includes: How to Win, How to Deal with Difficult People, and Feel Good. If you're looking for opportunities, How to Win offers techniques for winning at negotiations and discussions, coming out ahead when pitching ideas or finding success in the job market. It draws on research and proven psychological principles to outline strategies for greater success. How to Deal with Difficult People offers advice on how to deal with challenging individuals in various situations and lower your stress level. You'll gain the skills to help calm down emotionally-charged moments and also know when it's time to speak up. Feel Good is your guide to mood management. Mood can affect your work performance or relationships, so it's important to have techniques to manage moods and find a positive, can-do attitude