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Self-Organized Organic Semiconductors: From Materials to Device Applications

Self-Organized Organic Semiconductors: From Materials to Device Applications

Quan Li

ISBN: 978-0-470-55973-4

Apr 2011

320 pages

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This book focuses on the exciting topic on self-organized organic semiconductors – from materials to device applications. It offers up-to-date and accessible coverage of self-organized semiconductors for organic chemistry, polymer science, liquid crystals, materials science, material engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, optics, optic-electronics, nanotechnology and semiconductors. Chapters cover chemistry, physics, processing, and characterization. The applications include photovoltaics, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and transistors.


1 Crystal Engineering Organic Semiconductors (Joseph C. Sumrak, Anatoliy N. Sokolov, and Leonard R. MacGillivray).

2 Conjugated Block Copolymers and Cooligomers (Yongye Liang and Luping Yu).

3 Charge Transports and Its Modeling in Liquid Crystals (Jun-ichi Hanna and Akira Ohno).

4 Self-Organized Discotic Liquid Crystals as Novel Organic Semiconductors (Manoj Mathew and Quan Li).

5 Self-Organized Semiconducting Smectic Liquid Crystals (Ji Ma and Quan Li).

6 Self-Assembling of Carbon Nanotubes (Liming Dai).

7 Self-Organized Fullerene Based Organic Semiconductors (Li-Mei Jin and Quan Li).

8 High-Efficiency Organic Solar Cells Using Self-Organized Materials (Paul A. Lane).

9 Selective Molecular Assembly for Bottom-Up Fabrication of Organic Thin-Film Transistors (Takeo Minari, Masataka Kano, and Kazuhito Tsukagoshi).