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Sell More With Sales Coaching: Practical Solutions for Your Everyday Sales Challenges



Sell More With Sales Coaching: Practical Solutions for Your Everyday Sales Challenges

Peri Shawn

ISBN: 978-1-118-78601-7 September 2013 208 Pages


Sales coaching tools and strategies to help you sell more

Sales executives and business leaders are looking for ways to increase their revenues without major changes to their technology, processes or workforce management. When done effectively, sales coaching can be the catalyst that improves sales results, team morale and employee retention. Sell More with Sales Coaching provides results-proven sales coaching material that includes assessment, exercises and sales coaching questions.

As a result of applying the tools and strategies in this book, sales leaders and teams will drive higher revenues and performance by:

  • Assessing team members' sales capacities
  • Determining what type of coaching is needed on an individual basis
  • Identifying sales mistakes being committed by salespeople
  • Coaching salespeople to avoid committing sales mistakes
  • Improving the quality of sales conversations
  • Increasing the quality of conversations within the team
  • Leveraging the use of CRM during sales coaching

The author's company, the Coaching and Sales Institute, has worked with large sales forces and provided training for the launch of the debit card, and one of the fastest-growing divisions of the Royal Bank of Canada.

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction 1

CHAPTER 1 Ensuring Your Sales Coaching Gets Results 3

CHAPTER 2 Sales Mistake #1: Not Being Clear Who’s Buying 17

CHAPTER 3 Sales Mistake #2: Forgetting Why People Buy 33

CHAPTER 4 Sales Mistake #3: Being Self-Focused 47

CHAPTER 5 Sales Mistake #4: Telling Mistruths 63

CHAPTER 6 Sales Mistake #5: Being Ill-Prepared 79

CHAPTER 7 Sales Mistake #6: Taking Too Much of the Client’s Time 93

CHAPTER 8 Sales Mistake #7: Sharing What’s Not Relevant 107

CHAPTER 9 Sales Mistake #8: Missing Prospects’ Buying Cues 119

CHAPTER 10 Sales Mistake #9: Acting like a Traditional Salesperson 131

CHAPTER 11 Sales Mistake #10: Treating Clients as Enemies 145

CHAPTER 12 Making Your Sales Coaching Sustainable 159

BONUS CHAPTER Leveraging Your CRM during Sales Coaching 169

About the Author 191

Index 193