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Selling All-in-One For Dummies



Selling All-in-One For Dummies

Consumer Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-23629-1 January 2012 696 Pages

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Tried-and-true information and tips for selling like a pro

Are you looking to enter the world of sales, or are you already a salesperson who's looking for new tips and tactics to expand your business? Whether you're in charge of your own selling career or you're responsible for training and managing a professional sales force, Selling All-In-One For Dummies features everything you need to know to improve your results.

This valuable selling resource includes new ways to effectively network and prospect through the power of all the social media networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as ways to optimize sales success through Webinars; the latest tips and advice to build an appealing image; proven questioning methods that close sales; updated advice on keeping clients' business and building their loyalty; and how to adapt presentations and techniques.

  • Proven methods and techniques that will lead to bigger sales and more loyal customers
  • Advice on separating yourself from the pack
  • Plus four chapters on selling in specialized areas from biotechnology to real estate

Selling All-In-One For Dummies is the authoritative guide to navigating the ever-changing and growing sales arena.

Introduction 1

Book I: Laying the Foundation for Selling Success 9

Chapter 1: The Seven-Step Selling Cycle 11

Chapter 2: Understanding and Connecting with Potential Clients 21

Chapter 3: Knowing Your Product 45

Book II: Prospecting for Gold 53

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Prospecting 55

Chapter 2: Prospecting Preliminaries 69

Chapter 3: Fishing for Prospects in the Likeliest — and Unlikeliest — Places 89

Chapter 4: Prospecting for Untapped and Under-Tapped Markets 109

Chapter 5: Approaching Potential Clients without Scaring Them Away 121

Book III: Turning Prospects into Customers and Clients 137

Chapter 1: Getting a Meeting and Putting Your Clients at Ease 139

Chapter 2: Qualifying Your Way to Success 163

Chapter 3: Winning Presentations 179

Chapter 4: Addressing Client Concerns 197

Book IV: Closing Like a Champ and Getting Referrals 209

Chapter 1: The Anatomy of a Close 211

Chapter 2: Questioning and Listening Strategies of Champion Closers 227

Chapter 3: The No-Frills Close 245

Chapter 4: Closes That Overcome Fear 253

Chapter 5: Closes That Put an End to Buyers' Procrastination 275

Chapter 6: Closing the Tough Customer 293

Chapter 7: Remote Closing 301

Chapter 8: Getting Referrals from Your Present Clients 315

Book V: Negotiating Skills Every Salesperson Should Have 333

Chapter 1: Preparing for Negotiating Success 335

Chapter 2: Choreographing the Negotiation 353

Chapter 3: Keeping Your Emotions in Check 365

Chapter 4: Telling It Like It Is 379

Chapter 5: Win-Win Negotiating 395

Book VI: Selling in Specialized and Growing Fields 409

Chapter 1: Selling Real Estate 411

Chapter 2: Selling Insurance 433

Chapter 3: Selling Financial Services 447

Chapter 4: Selling in the Medical Field 463

Chapter 5: Selling Biotechnology 479

Book VII: Becoming a Power Seller 491

Chapter 1: Becoming the Power Seller You Want to Be 493

Chapter 2: Getting in Step with Your Customer 513

Chapter 3: Teaming Up for Success with Personal Partnering 527

Chapter 4: Embracing Change as a Growth Strategy 539

Chapter 5: Branding Yourself through Shameless Self-Promotion 553

Chapter 6: Putting the Latest Technologies to Work for You 565

Chapter 7: Tapping the Power of Word-of-Mouth Advertising through Social Networking 581

Book VIII: The Book of Tens 599

Chapter 1: The Ten Biggest Sales Mistakes 601

Chapter 2: Ten Power-Selling Tactics and Techniques 607

Chapter 3: Ten Ways to Break a Sales Slump or Avoid It Entirely 613

Chapter 4: Ten Advanced Closes 619

Chapter 5: Ten (Or So) Ways to Sound Like a Pro on the Phone 625

Index 629