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Selling For Dummies, 4th Edition

Selling For Dummies, 4th Edition

Tom Hopkins

ISBN: 978-1-118-96724-9

Feb 2015

384 pages



Your guide to the most up-to-date selling strategies and techniques

No matter your skill level, this new edition of Selling For Dummies helps you lay the foundation for sales success with the latest information on how to research your prospects, break down the steps of the sales process, follow up with customers, and so much more.

Selling, when done right, is more than a job—it's an art. With the help of Selling For Dummies, you'll discover how to stand head-and-shoulders above the crowd by knowing your clients, and approaching selling with passion and a positive attitude. The book covers making killer sales pitches and presentations, using the latest technologies to your advantage, establishing goals and planning your time efficiently, partnering with others, addressing clients' concerns, and closing more sales.

  • Includes expert tips for harnessing the power of the Internet to increase sales
  • Covers the latest selling strategies and techniques in the Digital Age
  • Explains how mastering selling skills can benefit all areas of your life
  • Explores the newest prospecting and qualification strategies

If you're brand new to the sales scene or a seasoned salesperson looking to win more clients and close more sales, Selling For Dummies sets you up for success.

Introduction 1

Part I: Laying a Solid Foundation for Selling 7

Chapter 1: Selling Makes the World Go Around 9

Chapter 2: The Seven-Step Selling Cycle 19

Chapter 3: What to Sell 29

Part II: Doing Your Homework Before You Sell a Thing 47

Chapter 4: Understanding Your Potential Clients 49

Chapter 5: Selling What Your Product Does Instead of What It Is 85

Chapter 6: Technology as a Sales Tool 95

Part III: The Anatomy of a Sale 105

Chapter 7: Connecting with the People Who Need What You Have 107

Chapter 8: Arranging to Meet and Putting Your Clients at Ease 129

Chapter 9: Qualifying Your Way to Success 159

Chapter 10: Delivering Winning Presentations 175

Chapter 11: Addressing Client Concerns 195

Chapter 12: Closing Sales 209

Chapter 13: Getting Referrals from Your Satisfied Clients 233

Part IV: Growing Your Business 247

Chapter 14: Following Up and Keeping in Touch 249

Chapter 15: Using the Internet to Make Sales 267

Chapter 16: Planning Your Time Efficiently 277

Part V: You Can’t Win ‘Em All: Keeping the Faith in Sales 295

Chapter 17: Staying Upbeat When You Don’t Succeed 297

Chapter 18: Setting Goals to Stay Focused 311

Part VI: The Part of Tens 323

Chapter 19: The Ten Biggest Sales Mistakes to Avoid 325

Chapter 20: Ten (Plus One!) Ways to Master the Art of Selling 331

Chapter 21: Ten Alternative Closes 341

Index 347