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Semiconductor Micromachining, 2 Volume Set

Semiconductor Micromachining, 2 Volume Set

S. A. Campbell (Editor), H. J. Lewerenz (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-98084-1

Jun 2003

736 pages

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A one-stop reference for semiconductor principles and construction

Semiconductor Micromachining is a two-volume set that coordinates the multidisciplinary nature of the field into a single comprehensive reference. Volume 1: Fundamental Electrochemistry and Physics builds a robust foundation of semiconductor concepts, and Volume 2: Techniques and Industrial Applications provides in-depth guidance on the practical aspects of the technology. Appropriate for graduate studies or scientists in academia and industry, this book provides a convenient reference for those who wish to expand their understanding of semiconductor technology.

Volume 1

Electrochemical and Photochemical Properties of Semiconductors
S. Morrison

Chemical and Electrochemical Etching of Semiconductors
J. Kelly and D. Vanmaekelbergh

Photoetching of III-V Semiconductors: Basic Photoelectrochemical Principles
W. Plieth and S. Wetzenstein

Influence of Photoelectrochemical Etching on Electronic Properties of Semiconductor Surfaces
R. Tenne

Surface Conditioning of Silicon by Photoelectrochemical Etching
C. Levy-Clement

Electrochemical Conditioning of Silicon: Surface Analyses and Electronic Implications
H. Lewerenz and H. Jungblut

The Formation of Porous Silicon
D. Riley


Volume 2

Anisotrophy and the Micromachining of Silicon
A. Campbell, et al.

Etch Stops
S. Collins

Photonic Integrated Circuits, Technology and Concepts
R. Matz

Monolithically Integrated Sensors for Mechanical Quantities in Standard CMOS Processing
H. Offereins, et al.

Silicon on Insulators
C. Harendt and G. Roos

Integrated Sensors and Actuators
N. Najaft

Smart Sensors
N. Najaft and J. Moyne

Anodic Oxidation of Silicon as a Low-Temperature Passivation Technique
G. Mende

Micromachined Optoelectronic Structures and Devices
P. Deimel

Wet and Dry Etching: A Comparison in the Context of Solid State Electronics Applications
K. Bachmann