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Sensors, A Comprehensive Survey, Volume 2, Part I, Chemical and Biochemical Sensors

Sensors, A Comprehensive Survey, Volume 2, Part I, Chemical and Biochemical Sensors

Wolfgang Göpel (Volume Editor), T. A. Jones (Volume Editor), Michel Kleitz (Volume Editor), Ingemar Lundström (Volume Editor), Tetsuro Seiyama (Volume Editor), Joachim Hesse (Editor), J. N. Zemel (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-62073-9

Nov 2008

734 pages

Select type: E-Book



'Sensors' is the first self-contained series to deal with the whole area of sensors. It describes general aspects, technical and physical fundamentals, construction, function, applications and developments of the various types of sensors.
This is the first of two volumes focusing on chemical and biochemical sensors providing definitions, typical examples of chemical and biochemical sensors and historical remarks. It describes chemical sensor technologies and interdisciplinary tasks in the design of chemical sensors. The major part consists of a description of basic sensors. They include electrolyte sensors, solid electrolyte sensors, electronic conductivity and capacitance sensors, field effect sensors, calorimetric sensors, optochemical sensors, and mass sensitive sensors. This volume is an indispensable reference work for both specialists and newcomers, researchers and developers.
Definitions and Typical Examples (W. Göpel, K.-D. Schierbaum)
Historical Remarks (W. Göpel, T.A. Jones, T. Seiyama, J.N. Zemel)
Chemical Sensor Technologies: Empirical Art and Systematic Research (W. Göpel)
Specific Molecular Interactions and Detection Principles (W. Göpel, K.-D. Schierbaum)
Specific Features of Electrochemical Sensors (H.-D. Wiemhöfer, K. Cammann)
Multicomponent Analysis in Chemical Sensing (S. Vaihinger, W. Göpel)
Liquid Electrolyte Sensors: Potentiometry, Amperometry, and Conductometry (F. Oehme)
Solid State Electrochemical Sensors (M. Kleitz, E. Siebert, P. Fabry, J. Fouletier)
Electronic Conductance and Capacitance Sensors (W. Göpel, K.-D. Schierbaum)
Field Effect Chemical Sensors: Device Principles (I. Lundström)
Field Effect Chemical Sensors: Ion-Sensitive FETs (A. van den Berg, B.H. van der Schoot, H.H. van den Vlekkert)
Field Effect Gas Sensors (M. Armgarth, C.J. Nylander)
Calorimetric Chemical Sensors (T.A. Jones, P. Walsh)
Optochemical Sensors (O. Wolfbeis, G.E. Boisdé, G. Gauglitz)
Mass-sensitive Devices (M.S. Nieuwenhuizen, A. Venema)
Specific Features of Biosensors (H.-L. Schmidt, W. Schuhmann, F.W. Scheller, F. Schubert)
Chemical Sensors and Instrumentation in Analytical Chemistry (W. Göpel, M. Oehme)
Calibration of Gas Sensors (K. Kaltenmaier)
Applications of Optochemical Sensors for Measuring Chemical Quantities (O. Wolfbeis, G.E. Boisdé)
Applications of Optochemical Sensors for Measuring Environmental and Biochemical Quantities (O. Wolfbeis)
Sensors and Instrumentation in Environmental Control (K. Colbow, K. Colbow)
Humidity Control (H. Arai, T. Seiyama)
Biosensors for Monitoring Pesticides in Water (P. Krämer, R.D. Schmid)
Sensors in Biotechnology (T. Scheper, K.F. Reardon)
Clinical and Respiration Gas Analysis (H. Albrecht)
Chemical Sensors in Clinical Diagnostics (K. Wulff, M. Gerber)
Solid State Electrochemical Potentiometric Sensors for Gas Analysis (H.-H. Möbius)
High-Temperature Sensors for Oxidic Glass-forming Melts (F.G.K. Baucke)