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Sensors Applications, Volume 2, Sensors in Intelligent Buildings

Sensors Applications, Volume 2, Sensors in Intelligent Buildings

Oliver Gassmann (Editor), Hans Meixner (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-60030-4

May 2002

400 pages

Select type: O-Book


A comprehensive survey for engineers and scientists on the different sensor types for energy efficiency, security, maintenance management and smart house devices. As such, the text covers air conditioning, large premises control, service and installation monitoring as well as emergency control. It also discusses the strengths and weaknesses in each case, illustrating which sensor is used in which subsystem and why.
Sensors in Intelligent Buildings: Overview and Trends
Intelligent Air Conditioning Control
Self-commissioned Heat Control Systems
Management of Energy and Thermal Comfort
Wireless and M-Bus enabled Metering Devices
Wireless In-Building Networks
Sensing Chair and Floor using Distributed Contact Sensors
Life Safety and Security Systems
Biometric Authentication for Access Control
Maintenance Management in Industrial Installations/.
""Das Buch bietet auf Grund seiner breiten Anlage einen guten Einstieg für Neulinge auf dem Gebiet der Sensorik in intelligenten Gebäuden, ist jedoch auch für den Fachmann als Nachschlagewerk geeignet."" Physik Journal