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Sensors Applications, Volume 3, Sensors in Medicine and Health Care

Sensors Applications, Volume 3, Sensors in Medicine and Health Care

P. Ake Oberg (Editor), Tatsuo Togawa (Editor), Francis A. Spelman (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-60486-9

Mar 2006

444 pages

Select type: E-Book



Due to remarkable developments in the field of sensors along with miniaturization, sophisticated microsensors are part of many aspects of 21st century medicine and health care. Turning sensory inputs of all kinds into defined electrical signals that can be interpreted and acted upon by both stationary and portable medical equipment as well as implants, sensors find many applications monitoring blood pressure, heart rates, glucose levels and many other parameters by which human health can be evaluated.

They also serve as key components in modern imaging equipment as well as operating equipment for minimally invasive surgery, catheters and other applications.

Taken as a whole, Sensors Applications covers all major fields of application for commercial sensors, as well as their manufacturing techniques and major types. Strong emphasis is placed on microsensors, microsystems and integrated electronic sensor packages rather than bulk equipment. Each of the individual volumes is tailored to the needs and queries of readers from the relevant branches of industry and research.

Optical sensors
Glucose measurement
Biomagnetic Imaging
Haemodynamic measurements
Heart/ respiratory monitoring
Fetal and neonatal monitoring
Body motion analysis
Sensors for Catheter Applications
Cardiac Pacemakers
Cochlear Implants
Home health/ telecare
""I highly recommend this textbook for your library reference shelf and perhaps for use in graduate-level courses on advanced biomedical instrumentation."" (IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Medicine, March/April 2005)