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Sensors in Household Appliances

Sensors in Household Appliances

Guido Tschulena (Editor), Andreas Lahrmann (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-60504-0 March 2006 310 Pages




Taken as a whole, this series covers all major fields of application for commercial sensors, as well as their manufacturing techniques and major types. As such the series does not treat bulk sensors, but rather places strong emphasis on microsensors, microsystems and integrated electronic sensor packages. Each of the individual volumes is tailored to the needs and queries of readers from the relevant branch of industry.

A competent and comprehensive survey of current and future sensors applied in electronic household devices. Engineers and scientists will find here reports of an increase in product safety, efficiency and consumer comfort, coupled with a decrease in power consumption and water/wastewater. The book also looks at the customer appeal of advanced "intelligent" appliances, showing the heightened need for comprehensive information on their potentials and limitations.
List of Contributors.

1. The Increasing Importance of Sensors in Household Appliances (A. Lahrmann and G. Tschulena).

2. Market Data (G. Tschulena).

3. Appliances and Sensors (G. Wentzlaff, et al.).

4. Sensorics for Detergency (W. Buchmeier, et al.).

5. Sensor Related Topics (M. Muziol).

6. Influencing Factors - Today and Tomorrow (G. Tschulena).



"Technicians, scientists, engineers and developers will find useful information on the application odf modern sensors as the key for improvements in household processes ... " (