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Service Management and Marketing: Managing the Service Profit Logic, 4th Edition

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Service Management and Marketing: Managing the Service Profit Logic, 4th Edition

Christian Gronroos

ISBN: 978-1-119-09284-1 July 2015 536 Pages

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Written by a leading pioneer in the field, the revised and updated fourth edition of this successful text examines service management and management in service competition from the point of view of the service profit logic. It focuses on adopting service logic in the management of service firms as well as of product manufacturers which want to become service providers.

With a wide base of examples, Christian Grönroos draws on decades of experience to explain how to manage any organization as a service business and move closer to current and future customers. Service logic and service management are all about customer-focused outside-in management, using current academic research and business practice to make organizations more successful in the service-based economy.

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1 The Service and Relationship Imperative: Managing in Service Competition

2 The Nature of Services and Service Consumption, and its Customer Management Implications

3 The Service Profit Logic and Service Management Principles

4 Service and Relationship Quality

5 Quality Management in Services

6 Return on Service and Relationships

7 Managing the Augmented Service Offering

8 Managing Productivity in Service Organizations

9 Managing Marketing or Customer-Focused Management

10 Managing Integrated Marketing Communication and Relationship Communication

11 Managing Brand Relationships and Image

12 The Role of Social Media in Services Management

13 Customer-focused Organization: Structure, Resources and Service Processes

14 Managing Internal Marketing: A Prerequisite for Successful Customer Management

15 Managing Service Culture: The Internal Service Imperative

16 Transforming a Manufacturing Firm into a Service Business

17 Conclusions: Managing Sevice and Relationships

Updates to this New Edition include:

•             Service as a business and marketing perspective

•             The nature of the service profit logic and outside-in management

•             The service and relationship imperative

•             Marketing as making organizations meaningful to their customers

•             Transforming manufacturing firms into service businesses

•             New cases and managerial implications

•             A new chapter on social media and the new reality of word of mouth communication

  • Written by a leading pioneer in the field, drawing on decades of experience
  • Draws from a wide base of international research and provides numerous international examples