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Set for Life: Financial Peace for People Over 50

Set for Life: Financial Peace for People Over 50

Bambi Holzer

ISBN: 978-0-471-32114-9 December 1999 256 Pages


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"When can I afford to retire?"

"Will my money last long enough?"

"How can I enjoy my retirement to the fullest?"

Not long ago, retirement was simple. You'd spend thirty or fortyyears at the same company, get your gold watch, and collect yourpension and savings bank giveaways for the duration of your yearsleft on earth. No longer. The classic notion of retirement has beenreplaced with a newer, healthier concept that reflects the longerlifespans, more active lifestyles, and exciting "creative aging"options that seniors enjoy today. Along with these new choices comenew responsibilities, as people in their fifties join the "sandwichgeneration" who must simultaneously care for their children, theirparents, and themselves.

So how can you ensure that your retirement is as comfortable aspossible? How can you make sure your money will last at least aslong as you do? How can you, in short, be set for life?

In Set for Life, financial expert Bambi Holzer provides theanswers. This practical, thoughtful book-the only guidespecifically for individuals age fifty-plus-shows you how to assessyour needs, manage your investments, cope with taxes and insurance,stay ahead of inflation, prepare your estate, and develop realisticfinancial goals, no matter what your situation or how financiallysavvy you are.

In plain, simple language, Set for Life walks you through thevarious parts of your financial life and explains how to pull themtogether to build a clear, achievable plan for a satisfying future.As you read through the book, you will:
* Examine where you stand today-how much you have, how much youknow, and how prepared you are
* Explore how and where you want to live-second careers, volunteerjobs, travel, and the kind of home setting you'd prefer
* Figure out how much it will cost you to live-understandinflation, add up your future expenses, and create a spending plan
* Learn how to fill your retirement bucket-discover your beststrategies for saving and investing, how to get the most out ofSocial Security and your IRA, and how to tap the equity in yourhome
* Arrange your affairs-how to integrate family and finances,alternative living arrangements to consider when living at homeisn't working anymore, and how to cope with change

Set for Life is more than simply a financial planning guide-becauselife after fifty is no longer simple. Written by a woman who helpspeople like you every day, this book is as full of encouragementand insight as useful information. It will help you clarify yourown vision of your retirement and bring it to fruition. Most ofall, it will give you confidence that you can take control of yourfinancial life, and secure the future you hope for.

Where Do You Stand Today?

How and Where Do You Want to Live?

How Much Will It Cost to Live?


Developing Your Primary Source of Retirement Income.

Understanding Investing.

Managing Your Investments.


Social Security.

Corporate Pensions.

Indivdual Retirement Accounts.

Real Estate.

Paid Employment.






Health Care and Daily Living.

Distribution of Assets.

Family Planning.

Getting Going.