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Setting Priorities: Personal Values, Organizational Results



Setting Priorities: Personal Values, Organizational Results

Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), Talula Cartwright (Contributions by)

ISBN: 978-1-118-16357-3 September 2011 Pfeiffer 30 Pages


To be a successful leader, you need to get results. To get results, you need to set priorities. This book can help you do a better job of setting priorities, recognizing the personal values that motivate your decision making, the probable trade-offs and consequences of your decisions, and the importance of aligning your priorities with your organization's expectations. In this way you can successfully meet organizational objectives and consistently produce results.
7 First Things First

8 Values, Motivation, and Priorities

12 Your Organizational Context

16 Trade-offs and Consequences

17 Competing Priorities

20 Organizational Measures of Performance

26 Working Together for Results

28 Suggested Readings

28 Background

29 Key Point Summary