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Seven Set-ups that Consistently Make Money

Seven Set-ups that Consistently Make Money

Jeff Cooper

ISBN: 978-1-118-63154-6

Apr 2013

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Run time: 90 min. A reliable trading set-up can be worth a fortune in winning trades. In this new DVD course, Jeff Cooper, author of the bestselling Hit and Run books, hands over his seven most consistently profitable set-ups. With great detail, this course provides an explanation of each set-up and examples of the money making power in action.

You will:

  • See how the symmetry of the market reveals the moves that are about to happen, and gives you the information to predict how big the move will be
  • Learn how to recognize expansion patterns and contraction patterns and use them to take more wins out of the market
  • Find out which moving averages allow you to recognize a volatility pendulum -- a set-up that produces some of the most explosive moves
  • Watch as the pieces of set-ups, like first turndowns and first pullbacks, come together to show both sharp upswings and quick drops before they happen

You won't get any hypothetical theory in this course, just real set-ups from a real trader that will position you to make real money again and again. Plus, Cooper walks you through his approach to using moving averages that has allowed him to make his living trading.

This collection of tactics balances the homerun big gain set-ups with the consistent, reliable set-ups to give you options that will work in a wide variety of market conditions. These proven technical patterns and powerful understanding of market behavior are ready to work for you.