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Shape Casting: 6th International Symposium 2016



Shape Casting: 6th International Symposium 2016

Murat Tiryakioǧlu (Editor), Mark Jolly (Editor), Glenn Byczynski (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-22582-9 February 2016 224 Pages


This collection presents papers on the science, engineering, and technology of shape castings, with contributions from researchers worldwide.  Among the topics that are addressed are structure-property-performance relationships, modeling of casting processes, and the effect of casting defects on the mechanical properties of cast alloys.

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Symposium Organizers/Editors  xi

Engineering High Quality Castings I

Bifilms and Hot Tearing of Al-Si Alloys 3
Muhammet Uludağ , Remzi Çetín, and Derya Dişpinar

Crack Susceptibility of Binary Aluminum Alloys: Analytical Equations 11
Jiangwei Liu and Sindo Kou

The Unidirectional Solidification of Ti-46Al-8Nb Alloy with BaZrO3 Coated Al2O3 Mould 19
Chao Wei, Mingyang Li, Guangyao Chen, Hongbin Wang, Xionggang Lu, and Chonghe Li

Analytical Model of Filling Fine Features and Sharp Corners in Investment Casting of CMSX-4 27
L.P. Kroneman, M.J.M. Krane, and K.P. Trumble

Real-Time Radiography and Modeling of Porosity Formation in an A356 Aluminum Alloy Wedge Casting 35
Vahid Khalajzadeh, David D. Goettsch, and Christoph Beckermann

Modeling of Distortion of a Steel Bracket Sand Casting 43
D. Galles and C. Beckermann

SiC Particle Reinforced Al Matrix Composite by SIMA 51
Emirhan Aydın, Caglar Yuksel, Eray Erzi, and Derya Dispinar

Evolution of Primary Fe-Rich Compounds in Secondary Al-Si-Cu Alloys 59
Alberto Fabrizi, Stefano Capuzzi, and Giulio Timelli

Casting Performance and Innovation

Methods of Reducing Materials’ Waste and Saving Energy in Investment Casting 69
H.A. Mahrabi, M.R. Jolly, and K. Salonitis

Quality Assessment of A356 Ingots from Different Suppliers in Wheel Production 77
Emre Koca, Caglar Yuksel, Eray Erzi, and Derya Dıs¸pınar

On the Relationship between Quality Index and Fatigue Life Distributions in B201 and D357 Alloy Aerospace Castings 85
Hüseyin Özdes¸ and Murat Tiryakioğlu

On the Properties and Performance of Ablation Cast Components 93
Murat Tiryakiogğlu and John Grassi

The Reliability of Ductile Casting Iron Dependent on Runner System Design: An Example of Support Bracket of Brake Caliper 101
Fu-Yuan Hsu, Kuo-Nien Wang, and Cheng-Lung Li

Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steels in Biodiesel 109
Alejandra S. Román, Claudia M. Méndez, and Alicia E. Ares

Characterization of Tensile Deformation in AZ91D Mg Alloy Castings 117
Ogün Ünal and Murat Tiryakioğlu

On the Mean Stress Correction in Fatigue Life Assessment in Cast Aluminum Alloys 125
Hüseyin Özdes¸ and Murat Tiryakioğlu

Effects of Sr on the Microstructure of Electromagnetically Stirred Semi Solid Hypoeutectic Al-Si Alloys 133
M. Nouri, R. Beygi, M. Zarezadeh Mehrizi, A. Nouri, and M. Ebrahimi

Engineering High Quality Castings II

Grain Refinement of Al-Si Hypoeutectic Alloys by Al3Ti1B Master Alloy and Ultrasonic Treatment 143
Gui Wang, Eric Qiang Wang, Arvind Prasad, Matthew Dargusch, and David H StJohn

Influence of Process Parameters on the Microstructure and Casting Defects of a LPDC Engine Block 151
Giulio Timelli and Daniele Caliari

Preliminary Investigation of the Grain Refinement Mechanism in Cu Alloys 159
A.K. Cziegler and P. Schumacher

Solidification Analysis of a Magnesium-Zinc Alloy Using In-Situ Neutron Diffraction 167
Abdallah Elsayed, Dimitry Sediako, and Comondore Ravindran

Change in Silicon Morphology with Time and Temperature in Sr Modified A356 175
Sadik Kaan Ipek, Caglar Yuksel, Eray Erzi, and Derya Dispinar

Effects of Casting Conditions on End Product Defects in Direct Chill Casted Hot Rolling Ingots 185
Arda Yorulmaz, Çağlar Yüksel, Eraz Erzi, and Derya Dispinar

A Coupled Thermal-Stress Model of A319 Alloy Chilled Sand Casting 195
Farzaneh Farhang Mehr, Steve Cockcroft, and Daan Maijer

Effect of Duration on Ti Grain Refinement of A356 and Melt Quality 203
Özen Gürsoy, Eray Erzi, Çağar Yüksel, and Derya Dispinar

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