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Signals and Systems

Bernd Girod

ISBN: 978-0-471-98800-7 June 2001 596 Pages


This book provides a comprehensive, modern approach to signals and systems, concentrating on those aspects that are most relevant for applications such as communication systems and signal processing. Emphasis is placed on building the reader's intuition and problem-solving ability, rather than formal theorems and proofs.
"The coverage of the book is comprehensive, providing a broad overview, using a whole host of exercises. The wealth of the worked examples and problems complemented by solutions is particularly attractive. The level of mathematics is not too daunting for the good average student and the authors do their utmost to mitigate the difficulties, skilfully using worked examples."
Prof. Lajos Hanzo, University of Southampton
author of Mobile Radio Communications and Single-and Multi-carrier QAM
Check out the companion Website for 'Systool' simulation software using Java applets to animate many of the key examples and exercises from the book.

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Time-Domain Models of Continuous LTI-Systems.

Modelling LTI-Systems in the Frequency-Domain.

Laplace Transform.

Compex Analysis and the Inverse Laplace Transform.

Analysis of Continuous-Time LTI-Systems with the Laplace Transform.

Solving Initial Condition Problems with the Laplace Transform.

Convolution and Impulse Response.

The Fourier Transform.

Bode Plots.

Sampling and Periodic Signals.

The Spectrum of Discrete Signals.

The z-Transform.
Discrete-Time LTI-Systems.

Causality and the Hilbert Transform.

Stability and Feedback Systems.

Describing Random Signals.

Random Signals and LTI-Systems.

Appendix A: Solutions to the Exercises.

Appendix B: Tables of Transformations.


Signals and Systems - Companion Web Site Contains cover image, description and review. Link to author maintained site which contains SYSTOOL, a downloadable simulation program based on Java; exercises and extensive further information. The URL address for the website is:
  • Comprehensive, modern, applications-oriented approach to signals and systems.
  • Inductive approach explains what problems are and how to solve them, rather than formal proofs and theorems.
  • Features over 200 problems for self-study or classroom use, over 300 illustrations, and numerous detailed solutions.