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Silent Running: My Years on a World War II Attack Submarine

Silent Running: My Years on a World War II Attack Submarine

James F. Calvert

ISBN: 978-0-471-12778-9 October 1995 304 Pages


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"I am just one of many who experienced life on a submarine duringWorld War II. Silent Running is a story sincerely told--free of anyrevisionism or cynicism--and I commend Vice Admiral Calvert forsharing this dramatic personal account of that difficult andexciting time." --President George Bush

"Hardened old sub vet that I am, I still felt the need for twoweeks R&R after reliving Jim's only too realistic warpatrolling adventures." --C. W. Nimitz, Jr., Rear Admiral, USN(Ret.)

"I believe it is the best personal account yet written on U.S.submarine operations in the Second World War. [Calvert] writes withlucidity and a rare candor. We get an extraordinary sense of whatit was like, feeling the tensions and emotions, sharing thesuccesses and disappointments, ... This is a true story with tealpeople, always gripping and sometimes tender. It is exciting toread and hard to put down. --J. L. Holloway, Admiral, USN (Ret.)President, Naval Historical Society, Chief of Naval Operations,1974-1978.

"I knew Jim Calvert Throughout the war, and in this book he hastold the submarine story in a way that catches the flavor and tangof the real thing. This is the way it really was." --Frederick B.Warder, Rear Admiral, USN (Ret.) Legendary W.W. II skipper of theSeawolf.
Training for the Big Show.

On to Pearl Harbor.

Patterns of War in the Deep.

At the Gates of Tokyo.

Fighting Wounded.

A Taste of Defeat.

The Tanker Sweep.

Australia and Admiral Jay.

The New Skipper.

A Gallant Retreat.

Farewell, Forgiveness, and Tragedy.

Decisions at Guam.

Deliverance by the Bomb.

Tokyo--Hail and Farewell.