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Silicon Chemistry: From the Atom to Extended Systems

Silicon Chemistry: From the Atom to Extended Systems

Peter Jutzi (Editor), Ulrich Schubert (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-61121-8 September 2007 506 Pages




The combined results from an international research project involving 40 interdisciplinary groups, providing the latest knowledge from the past few years. Adopting an application-oriented approach, this handy reference is a must-have for every silicon chemist, whether working in inorganic, organic, physical or polymer chemistry, materials science or physics.

Introduction (P. Jutzi & U. Schubert).

Investigations on the Reactivity of Atomic Silicon: A Playground for Matrix Isolation Spectroscopy (G. Maier, et al.).

Reactions with Matrix Isolated SiO Molecules (H. Schnöckel & R. Köppe).

In situ–Diagnostics of Amorphous Silicon Thin Film Deposition (H. Stafast, et al.).

The Gas Phase Oxidation of Silyl Radicals by Molecular Oxygen: Kinetics and Mechanism (T. Köcher, et al.).

Oxidation of Matrix-Isolated Silylenes (W. Sander, et al.).

Short-Lived Intermediates with Double Bonds to Silicon: Synthesis by Flash Vacuum Thermolysis, and Spectroscopic Characterization (H. Beckers).

Kinetic Stabilization of Disilenes >Si=Si< and Disilynes -Si=Si-(N. Wiberg).

A Tetrasilabuta-1,3-diene and Related Compounds with Conjugated Multiple Bonds (M. Weidenbruch). < ;p> II: Si-Si-SYSTEMS: FROM MOLECULAR BUILDING BLOCKS TO EXTENDED NETWORKS.

Introduction (P. Jutzi & U. Schubert).

Chemistry of Metalated Oligosilanes (R. Fischer, et al.).

Oligosilyl Substituted Heptaphosphanes – Syntheses, Reactions and Structures (J. Baumgartner, et al.).
Polysilanes: Formation, Bonding and Structure (R. Jones).

Phase Behavior of n-Alkylsubstituted Polysilanes (C. Mueller, et al.).

Structural and Electronic Systematics in Zintl Phases of the Tetrels (R. Nesper).

Zintl Phases MSi2 ( M = Ca, Eu, Sr, Ba) at Very High Pressure (J. Evers & G. Oehlinger).

Silicon- and Germanium-Based Sheet Polymers and Zintl Phases (M. Brandt, et al.).

Kautsky-Siloxene Analogous Monomers and Oligomers (H. Stüger).

Silicon-Based Nanotubes: A Theoretical Investigation (T. Köhler, et al.).

Structure and Reactivity of Solid SiO (U. Schubert, T. Wieder).

Si Nanocrystallites in SiOx Films by Vapour Deposition and Thermal Processing (H. Hofmeister & U. Kahler).

Theoretical Treatment of Silicon Clusters (A. Sax).

Isomers of Neutral Silicon Clusters (R. Schäfer, et al.).

Investigation of the Influence of Oxidation and HF Attack on the Photoluminescence of Silicon Nanoparticles (F. Huisken, et al.).

Localization Phenomena and Photoluminscence from Nano-structured Silicon, Silicon/Silicon Dioxide Nanocomposites, Silsesquioxanes and Branched Polysilanes (S. Veprek & D. Azinovic).


Introduction (P. Jutzi & U. Schubert).

Higher-Coordinate Silicon Compounds with SiO5 and SiO6 Skeletons: Syntheses and Crystal Structures (R. Tacke & O. Seiler).

Functionalized Silanols and Silanolates (S. Kliem, et al.).

Transition Metal Fragment Substituted Silanols of Iron and Tungsten -
Synthesis, Structure and Condensation Reactions (W. Malisch, et al.).

Rational Syntheses of Cyclosiloxanes and Molecular Alumo- and Gallosiloxanes (M. Veith & A. Rammo).

Synthesis, Structure and Reactivity of Novel Oligomeric Titanasiloxanes (P. Jutzi, et al.).

Metallasilsesquioxanes – Synthetic and Structural Studies (F. Edelmann).

Spin-Spin Interaction in Silsesquioxanes and Transition Metal Substitution (W. Schoeller & D. Eisner).

Characterization of Si-polymers by Coupling of HPLC-Separation Methods with MALDI-TOF-MS (J. Falkenhagen, et al.).

The Stepwise Formation of Si-O-Networks (M. Binnewies & N. Söger).

Mechanism of Ring and Cage Formation in Siloxanes (K. Jug).

Structurally Well-Defined Amphiphilic Polysiloxane Copolymers (G. Kickelbick, et al.).

Synthesis and Functionalization of Mesostructured Silica-Based Films (N. Hüsing, et al.).

Modification of Ordered Mesostructured Materials during Synthesis (S. Altmaier & P. Behrens).

Biosilicification; Structure, Regulation of Structure and Model Studies (C. Perry).

Subject Index.

"The editors have succeeded in putting together a wide-ranging monograph on developments in many of the most important, although clearly not all, areas of silicon chemistry during the last few years."

Gerald Linti, Anorganisch-Chemisches Institut, Universität Heidelberg
Angewandte Chemie + IE 2004 - 116/23