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SilverFast®: The Official Guide, 2nd Edition

SilverFast®: The Official Guide, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-470-04288-5

Jul 2006

256 pages

Select type: Paperback


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Whether you’re new to scanning or a seasoned pro, SilverFast: The Official Guide, Second Edition gives you the practical knowledge you need to achieve the best possible scans and images using any of the SilverFast products, especially SilverFast Ai and SilverFast SE. You get a thorough introduction to scanning basics, in-depth instruction in correction techniques, and tips for using SilverFast’s advanced features. Written by a widely acclaimed graphics expert, with assistance and full endorsement from LaserSoft Imaging, this is the authoritative SilverFast resource. Coverage includes:
  • Understanding resolution, color modes, and color spaces
  • Understanding scanner operation
  • Setting up scanner defaults and workspace
  • Calibrating your scanner
  • Making a quick scan
  • Setting advanced options
  • Identifying problems using the densitometer and histogram
  • Correcting images selectively using masks
  • Removing color casts
  • Sharpening and descreening images
  • Scanning line art, slides, and negatives
  • Using color management profiles
  • Adjusting existing images in SilverFast
  • Using batch scanning and Job Manager

The enclosed CD includes trial versions of the SilverFast product line, plus all the image files needed to practice with the book's tutorials.