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Simple Skin Surgery, 2nd Edition

Simple Skin Surgery, 2nd Edition

Susan Burge, R. Lester, G. Colver

ISBN: 978-0-865-42690-0

Jun 1996, Wiley-Blackwell

96 pages

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At 95 pages with 54 illustrations, Simple Skin Surgery indeed lives up to its title. Purposefully restricting itself to the important issues, this book is a clear and concise text dealing with all the major aspects of simple skin surgery that will be encountered by general practitioners and most dermatologists.
1. Introduction;.

2. Common Skin Tumours;.

3. Patient Preparation;.

4. Biopsy Techniques;.

5. Excision and Direct Closure;.

6. Curettage, Cautery and Diathermy;.

7. Cryosurgery;.

8. Special Techniques;.

9. Wound Problems;.