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Simple Thinking: How to remove complexity from life and work

Simple Thinking: How to remove complexity from life and work

Richard Gerver

ISBN: 978-0-857-08687-7

Aug 2016, Capstone

190 pages

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Simple behaviours that unclutter your mind and help you realise your true potential

Awaken your passion and tap into your inner greatness as you remove the metaphorical clutter from your life with Simple Thinking. You'll learn how to expand your mind and understand your true potential through the power of thinking simply, while stripping back the jargon and digging to the core of any obstacle in your way.

Let's be honest, life is full of unnecessary complexity and it's left most of us confused, angry and disenfranchised. This book will help you to remove the baggage, cut through the clutter and begin your smooth path to success.

Learn how to:

  • Live and act with resiliency, authenticity and passion
  • Learn to trust your instincts again and see the world through new eyes
  • Recalibrate your thoughts, behaviours and actions
  • Declutter your mind, streamline your day and be successful at life

Simple wisdom, simply shared, is personal development unplugged – and when you begin peeling back the layers to expose the heart of the problem, you become well-equipped to devise a simpler, yet more effective solution. Simple Thinking will help you in achieving this state of clarity and confidence.

Introduction 1

1 The Child 9

2 Interested? 23

3 Problems? 39

4 Focus 57

5 Be Prepared 75

6 Belief 91

7 The Word 107

8 Together 125

9 Shatterproof 141

10 In the End 157

About the Author 175

Acknowledgements 177

Index 179