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Single Molecule Dynamics in Life Science

Single Molecule Dynamics in Life Science

Toshio Yanagida (Editor), Yoshiharu Ishii (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-62614-4

Dec 2008

346 pages



In this first comprehensive resource to cover the application of single molecule techniques to biological measurements, the pioneers in the field show how to both set up and interpret a single molecule experiment.
Following an introduction to single molecule measurements and enzymology, the expert authors consider molecular motors and mechanical properties before moving on to the applications themselves. Detailed discussions of studies on protein enzymes, ribozymes and nucleic acids are also included.
A Road Map to Single Molecule Dynamics
Single Molecule Study for Elucidating the Mechanism used by Biosystems to Utilize Thermal Fluctuations
Imaging and Molecular Motors
Ion Channel
Signal Transduction across the Plasma Membrane
Dynamics of Membrane Receptors: Single Molecule Tracking of Quantum Dot Liganded Epidermal Growth Factor
Studying Dynamics of Ligand-Receptor Complexes by Single-Molecule Techniques
RNA in Cells
Protein Dynamics and Interactions
Two Rotary Motors of ATP Synthase
Single Molecule FRET Studies of Helicases and Holliday Junctions
High-speed Atomic Force Microscopy for Nano-visualization of Biomolecular Processes
Force-clamp Spectroscopy of Single Proteins
"An invaluable resource to rapidly familiarize oneself with the diverse approaches to single molecule experimentation." (The Quarterly Review of Biology, December 2009)